Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Nice Matters Award

This evening I opened my Gmail and found a heartwarming message from Julia ofcreativeribbons.blogspot.com/ telling me that she'd listed me as one of seven that she'd nominated for the Nice Matters Award:

"This award is for those bloggers who are nice people, good blogging friends and those who inspire warm friendships and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world.I understand that I have to pass it on to 7 others who I feel are deserving of this award.It is very difficult to chose just seven people as there are so many lovely friendships formed through inspirational blogs but here goes:"

I then checked mail from another online friend Carol Clasper http://carolclasper.blogspot.com/
and found that this Nice Matters Award was well and truly ALIVE.......

So,I guess it's up to me to pass the baton to another seven people (bear with me if I don't get the links "right"...those who truly know me know what a klutz I am with HTML and all that jazz:

First up,I'd have to nominate LindaB http://chloesplace.blogspot.com/
she has been so supportive of me and a real mentor over the last seven something years.

Then there's Mary :my dear online friend on Norfolk Island who I met in 2004:http://devonhouse.blogspot.com/

Catherine (our rowdy girl) of http://calidore.wordpress.com/ who I met via the southerncrosscrazies in a Fan RR and is such a GIVING, loving, fun person.

Jo I think I met via LindaB.....Jo was a newbie to CQ and boy oh boy have her talents boiled over http://www.nzjo.blogspot.com/

Then there was Jane of Quiddity http://quiddity.typepad.com/quiddity/....... she'sa knitter and spinner,I'm neither,but I love visiting!

Then there's DeniseS.......she is list mom to several machine needle felting groups and is such a darling the way she shares tips and hints........sorry I haven't found a blog site for her!Denise WHERE are you??

Myfanwy Hart of http://nuvofelt.blogspot.com/ and http://Winifred'sCottage.com another needle felter who gladly shares her expertise.

and last but not least NormajeanBrevik..the listmom of the Yahoo group Fiberart Traders
lovingly known as FATS.
This lady has been a wonderful mentor and cheerleader.
She has had several articles published in the QuiltingArtsMag..............and she is BRILLIANT!
I know this makes #7
but I MUST mention
Nellie of Nellies Needles http://nelliedurand.blogspot.com/ she does the most fantastic landscapes particularly of the Lake area where she lives

It's so difficult to produce a list of "nice people who matter and have influenced me.......I do hope I haven't missed anyone......as there have been so many people who have been so open hearted in so many ways.

To all of you,in the words of CJ Dennis "I dips me lid"
Thank you for being so caring and so sharing!


Linda said...

What a Lovely compliment to find here. Thank You.

I shall slip off and have a look at my "sisters", and no doubt be amazed to be named in their company.

And then think who I should name.

Can I name you back????


Jane said...

Oh, thank you so much for including me. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone else on your list.

Chief-Ten-Bears said...

Of course you deserve this award, you're one of the nicest bloggers on the 'net!