Saturday, January 08, 2005

Men's health

Since early 2003 I have learned how little men know about what is essential to their continuing good health.
Women are forever being reminded of the necessity of frequent breast examination and of having regular mammograms and pap smears carried out.
But men............

Less than one percent seem to realize that blood tests with a check on their PSA (prostate specific antigen) should occur at least annually after they reach about 45 years of age.
Then again, the thought of having a rectal examination somehow seems to threaten their idea of masculinity!
I don't think that a D.R.E. is half as invasive or as uncomfortable as either a Mammogram(uncomfortable) or a Pap smear (invasive)!
Then again,ignorance doesn't only lie with the(male) patient,it is often found in the G.P. who doesn't advise the patient adequately as to outcome,treatment,etc.

Friday, January 07, 2005

First posting!

Like journals,one has to start "somewhere"..........preferably at the beginning!
I am obsessed with CQ and (hand) embroidery;dabble with traditional quilting and generally like anything connected with needlework.
Which leads to my next fault