Saturday, May 13, 2006


Yesterday I was given a wonderful present by a very dear own haori:

(Haori being the mid length coats originally worn by men over their kimono to prtotect their kimono from the elements)

This one is 30 inches long and fifty inches wide with the short sleeves proclaiming married woman status.
G purchased this when she was living in Japan,and it is she who has introduced me to Japanese Kimono fabrics for my CQ....)See Feb 28 posting)

There is no waythat this garment will be "destructed" for my quilting.
I still have to find the courage to do that to the slightly damaged ones I blogged about back on February 28 this year. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Not a stitch in sight


Today was baking day for the week:So far I've managed one crusty loaf of bread;
Two French sticks sliced and spread with garlic butter,ready to be reheated when required;
a sourcream apple slice;
a Raspberry Bar;
and a large pot of Beef and green pepper is bubbling away gently in the crockpot.

The laundry is off the line and folded;there's some ironing waiting........but!!
Now I should tidy up before tomorrow's visitors,and then...............?
A few more stitches on Margaret's block, and watch a bit more of "Supersize me" (which I think should be compulsory veiwing for families who think "Food to go" is wonderful!
then bed and a new book.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Hurricane Katrina survivor quilts


I see that SharonB of inaminuteago blog is doing a happy dance today at the news that on Wednesday (U.S. time) the quilts will be listed for auction on Ebay.
For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about,do go visit inaminuteago and see what I'm on about.
Sharon also gives links to photo albums of the blocks and to AnnieW's Loopylace blog where Annie blogs the actual construction of the three quilts