Friday, June 23, 2006

Fibre fusion and Tyvek film


These two Postcards are the result of combining two techniques for an Abstract effect.
The base of both cards is 'silk paper' which I made last weekend;the shapes are Lumiere painted Tyvek film which has been heat treated.......I commenced with my heat gun,got frightened at how quickly the Tyvek shrunk at low heat,and finished by placing baking parchment over the film and passing a linen heat iron over the back of the previously cut out shapes.
Then using ribbon floss in the bobbin,and working on the wrong side of the card I stitched an abstract pattern.
The first card then had sari embroidery fibres teased out and held down by the Tyvek shape,which was stitched down at strategic points.
Because the second card had zig-zag shapes,which I felt would lose their effect with stitching,I laid tulle over all,and then stitched around the shapes to anchor it all.

Later in the day,because I had new stocks of both F2F and Timtex,I cut,pressed and started stitching my "My backyard" and "cats" themed cards...........20 in all.
Still quite a bit of work to be done there.

And as for CQ .... I finished what I was doing on two rectangular blocks for an ongoing RoundRobin,and the results can be seen over at my other Blog CQCrazy Blog Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fabric & Fibre Postcards

As a follow up on the previous postings on Fabric Postcards,I thought it may be worthwhile pointing out that if you're going to make these for swapping,it adds to the intrinsic value if the cards have actually gone through the mail system i.e... Adressed to the recipient ,stamped,and the stamp cancelled!
What I do,is take the card to the Post office and have them hand cancelthe stamp.
Then,before handing it back to the postal clerk,I slip the card into a cellophane(glassine?) envelope,seal it and hand it back for inclusion in the mail that it NOT
machine sorted.
I must admit I tend to use the clear envelope only when the embellishments may be damaged or snagged in normal postal handling.
It works for both local(Australian) and International mailings and it is still acceptable to go through at Postcard rates rather than the normal letter rates,
(and Customs can see what is in the envelope too!)

Monday, June 19, 2006

Rocky Mountain High


These are two of the Fabric Postcards I received today from The RockyMountainCrazy Quilters.
The theme was "my home":One card resembles a tanned cow hide..beautiful soft suede like feel.It has 36 eyelets punched around it and chenille thread laced through.Simple and effective!

The other is a machine embroidered fox(?) coyote(?) against a background of conifer forest,with the words Conifer,Colorado embroidered as its location.
Beautiful tonings in the animal's coat.!
My thanks to C Hruby and "unknown" Posted by Picasa

A Fabric postcard swap


Today's mail disclosed a fat envelope with my share of a recent fabric Postcard swap between the RockyMountain Crazy Quilters and the SouthernCrossCrazies,and above are four of the six I received.
I wasa little disappointed that none had been stamped and cancelled,but when this swap was first mooted we were novices and not aware of how the fact of sending them through the mail added to their interest value.

Since sending my cards away last April,I've swapped with people in the USA;Canada;the Netherlands;U.K; N.Z and Australia and am about to start stitching on some 20 cards for two swaps: Cats,and My Backyard.
I'm finding my Printer is a very handy tool these days Posted by Picasa