Saturday, August 15, 2009

Reverse of "Do you remember"


As promised.....view of reverse of Janice's card

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Work in progress


This is blogged to show Belle that I am still playing with wool!
Back in 2006 Belle and I attended a workshop on needle felting..and attempting to make figures.
Not long after I received from Belle a n/f postcard featuring a frangipani.
Using a totally different and not at all natural colours,this is my attempt.

Memo to self: it is much easier to use commercially made felt for the background,than hand felting blanks.
Actually the background had been felted for my sunrise/sunset theme,but somewhere along the way..............
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I've got mail!


As a member of Postmark'dArt
I signed up for the Round 9 swap,and some of the cards are beginning to arrive in my letter box.

First there was one from Franki Kohler based on Elements: Leaves

Franki used a sunprinting method with Setacolour paints,geranium leaves and rock salt.
She is also the author of 'fast fun & easy" FABRIC POSTCARDS published by C&T publishing.....and has some great tips for making mailable art.

The other three postcards are on the theme SUNRISE-SUNSET and are the works of Janice Simpson,Alison Ray and Laurie Walton.

Laurie sponge painted her fabric and added a tatted giraffe reaching for hand stitched leaves.

Alison used hot air balloons against a sunrise...slight padding to add dimension to the balloons and some glitter.

Janice printed a silhouette of a jiving couple and asked "Do you remember"
The other side of the card is very striking with striped painted fabric and list of things to remember from our teenage years.
I'll include a pic of the reverse side of the card in my next blogging.

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