Friday, May 11, 2007

Tiny treasures

Two more sets of tiny treasures aka "Inchies" arrived in my post box this week.
The upper set ,from Carol C in Scotland arrived today:
Carol has used varied means to embellish the one inch squares and I'm hoping to hear from her how the middle one in the middle row,and the left hand one in the third row were done.
The one in the second row has a (shaded) blue texture........Xpandaprint or something else?

The lower one reminds me of spilt silver solder,with a filigree silver bead superimposed.

These nine travelled from Patsy M in Colorado:
Unfortunately my flash is a bit heavy handed..will have to try again!

Patsy has chosen mainly denim for her inchies;and on some has also used foils to great effect.
Silver braid
a silver palm tree and a beaded spray,and three foiled squares each featuring either a clear deep blue shell,butterfly or gemstone complete the set.

When I first signed up for this swap,I had no idea how I would assemble my treasures.......
Thankfully I'm starting to get ideas.

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Nearly there

After one or two near disasters..........when my spirit of "what if" took action before my brain,here it is: needlefelted and ready for some quilting and extra embellishment.

You may remember that I used a painted nappy/diaper liner for the foundation cloth?

In a rush of enthusiasm I decided to see what effect I'd get if I sprayed the piece with a mist of water and steam pressed it........

Trust me,
don't do it!

(Having used the fibre a few weeks ago for heat treated fibre beads,you'd think I'd have remembered what happened!)

Melted holes in the foundation didnt I!

Anyway the piece was saved by needle felting the lot to a piece of batting and then adding more wool roving.

I think this would make a good cover for my garden journal.

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