Saturday, December 08, 2007

Work in progress

These two WiPs are destined to become

These two works in progress are destined to become three compartment handbags.........WHEN I can get the 'right beads' another braided frog fastener,and more braid for the handles.
They're quite a nifty pattern:
four sections,all the same size and each section consisting of a) a floral outer fabric
b)pellon for batting and
c) a toning lining/inner fabric.

Once I put my old brain into gear regards the way the third pocket is created,it was plain sailing;
I'm now tempted to raid my stash and see what other fabrics I could audition.

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Friday, December 07, 2007

Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming
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......and yet another slow WiP gets completed.
This santa was worked using a rayon thread and a punch needle.
It measures 12 by 14 inches

Eighteen more sleeps

...........and Christmas will be with us!
Having been in a bit of Limbo lately,waiting,waiting,waiting for tradesmen to turn up as promised;
and with my little car "in" for some panel beating and a re-touch,
I've managed to complete a few jobs around the place!

(what a satisfying feeling)
I added the border to "Silent Night" and framed it today;
I also completed a couple of postcards for friends,and need to complete a couple more,as well as add handles to two cute bags.

This year , I've decided to have a living Christmas tree:
and the lemon tree in btween the two back patios is "it"

I've used only solar powered lights so far,but feel that when the family descend on me,there will be modifcations made.

As for pre-Christmas baking...............nada!
The rangehood fell out of it's mounting due to incorrect mounting in the first place........and the tradesman that "promised" over two weeks ago......still hasnt finished the installation..........

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