Friday, July 13, 2007

WHAT would you do??

This morning I escorted my husband to his Oncology clinic appointment……after “visiting” with his Oncologist we went down to the main entrance /foyer of the hospital to wait for transport home.
Not long after we got there,a gentleman (who I recognised as a doctor in the Specialist’s clinics) passed us and waited outside with his luggage.
After a wait of some ten minutes,he left his case/portmanteau outside and came back through the foyer to disappear into “somewhere” in the hospital!
( and yes,he did have a mobile phone)
In view of the media grabs we see on TV regarding “suspicious left luggage” I was a little apprehensive……
I recognised him as a doctor;
he had left luggage in a conspicuous place and vacated the scene.
I was standing near LARGE plate glass sliding doors…and I wondered (as silly old women do) which way a blast would cause the most damage.
There were no obvious security persons to approach!
I reasoned that as the luggage was the OTHER side of a concrete pylon,if I turned my back and stayed in my semi sheltered corner (if there was a blast) my back would be splintered.
Add to this, that ,at the moment,an Indian doctor (in Brisbane,Queensland) has been held for over a week pending investigation into a possible relationship with recent bombings in Great Britain……..
I KNOW the media goes ballistic in these situations……
WHAT would you do?
Thankfully,nothing happened at Redcliffe Hospital today……..but rest assured,if I see that doctor when we visit again in two week’s time,I will front him,and tell him to be more careful.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

My wool stash

Twelve months ago,my wool fibres fitted in a small shoe-box;
Now,they are overflowing this Archives box!
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More wool!

My son,his wife and daughters came visiting today,after their two weeks' vacation in NZ.

Whilst visiting the Agrodome at Rotorua, my daughter in law noticed baskets full of wool roving and bought these for me.
Whether they are Merino or Corriedale, I'm not sure;
but today's acquisitions are not as soft to the touch as the hand dyed Merino I bought a couple of weeks ago,so I'm guessing that they are Corriedale.

With all the fibres I've accumulated recently,methinks I'd better get serious about my needle felting and try to reduce my stash.
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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another Buddha

"When" my patios are finally built,this beautiful timber piece will be mounted (under cover) to add another quiet spot for contemplation.

He will 'balance" the Buddha just outside my dining room window,as this one will be the opposite side of the house.
There is also a largeish plaque of the Sleeping Buddha to be positioned.
No photos until he's in his new home.
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More cats

These guys came to me courtesy of
Their previous owner offered them up for a new owner and I'm "it"...........can't have cats straying round the streets!
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Mini Purnie

Success at last!
The card and knitted gnome (my mini Purnie) from my friend belle.
From the tip of his hat to his "toes" purnie measures seven inches....and in his cute little felt satchel is a sea-shell.

And are they cats with attitude or not!!