Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Today's mail brought me these three cards,making it truly a red letter day!
First up,is the Paisley Posies from Mari P: It travelled "naked" and no damage was sustained by the free standing flower petals and leaf.
Doesn't the paisley fabric provide an excellent contrast to the solid colours of the petals?
The second card arrived from Leisa F ,in Utah,the "Beehive State".
The lower pic on the Bee card features the drones clustered around the Queen,and she tells me that the water colour of the bee (upper right corner) is used on the labels.

Finally,the refreshing "cuppa" comes from Jo Reid who invites me to join her in a cup!
(I'd love to Jo,especially as it's a black tea!)
I found the green background fabric,the corner of a lace d'oyley peeping from under the saucer and the spring flowers to make the invitation hard to resist. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Anyone for a cuppa?

Because she is addicted to pincushions,this is for Gerry (sewing-southpaw.blogspot.com/ )

You should visit her and read yesterday's posting.
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Relocation blues

I'm still trying to organize my sewing -----between sorting,discarding,resorting and packing,"things" are a little chaotic!
So here's two views of one chaotic MESS that is driving me to distraction. Posted by Picasa