Tuesday, March 19, 2013


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Theme: China

 The theme for my current swap is  "CHINA".

On Postmark'dArt, they have been tackling the Alphabet, and anything commencing with the current letter is presented.

On PostCard Mail Art, we are tackling countries alphabetically, and these are my offerings under the  China theme.

In the three of the cards, I have used reluctantly , I admit, three die-cut paper forms: Tigers and a dragon.
The reason for my reluctance stems from the fact I purchased several packets of these die-cut rice  papers in Beijing in 1998.
When I bought them, I had no idea what they were normally used for, or even HOW to use them.
Over the years I have found that for me layering them behind bridal tulle worked.

So, here I am  fifteen years later, and almost the anniversary of when they were bought that I have only one or two tigers left: NO peacocks and NO dragons!
Two of the background fabrics resulted from using
Iridescent  emerald LUMIERE paint over a bamboo stencil, then heat  fixing the dry paint.
The tiger on the green fabric has the symbol for tiger (I hope)  figured with Tsukineko Fabrico Markers.
The "Peace" card was constructed using the stencilled fabric and machine digitised embroidery.

Two of these cards will bemailed off in the next day or so.......but WHO will receive what??
Until it arrives in the recipient's mail box, I'm not telling!

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