Friday, October 12, 2012

I've got mail!

 This week has briought some interesting and varied Postcards to my mail box:

First up was a (hand) needlefelted card from DebP.For some reason, this card must have travelled the scenic route from Illinios to Queensland because it travelled for hree weeks, instead of the average 10 to 12 days.

The second card, with a Halloween theme came from an Aussie,a new member to PostCardMailArt.
Hard to believe this one one of the first cards that Toni has made. I can't wait to receive MORE from her!

Finally, This card from MaryLou on Canada:
And my first thought on seeing it was "Another Halloween card??"
The theme of MaryLou's card was LABELS, and she kindly shared the story behind the label.
The main body of the card was constructed from a brown paper bag,but I'll share MaryLou's explanation with you:
"The back is a paper bag from our local LIQUOR CONTROL BOARD of ONTARIO.
(yes, all booze is sold through that venue)
The Beer Store sells beer in their stores. Only specialty beers get to the LCBO.
Not too many years ago, one had to sign a slip of paper when purchasing liquor.
We have made progress.NO unning to the corner store as we can do for milk and pop.

Newfie Screech  is only sold in Newfoundland, and mainly  as a tourist trade.It is instant headachebeing made from the dregs of the rum bottles"

Interesting isn't learn about labels!

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