Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Warts and all!

Two recent themes I attempted to cover in the Postcard format were:

Doors: These two cards weremeant to represent my front door!
For the background fabric in both, I used a mono print made with my Gelli plates..
Mixing Nepoaque dark brown with  Russet and Titanium white I attempted to have a grainy timber look  for the fabric.
I then used Textiva film cut in a semi circle to represent a coloured glass insert in the upper section (of the door). A fine braid was used to complete the sectioned window.
The braid I used in the upper photo,frankly I would not repeat this , as it turned out to be too "clunky" for the effect I was hoping for.
A gold button for the door knob and the door was complete!
The lower door benefited slightly from the mistakes in the first card, in that I used a finer cord to outline the window and the door panels.Unfortunetely the round cord was a little un co-operative and my square panels are not SQUARE.

The second theme was ITALY!
PostCardMailArt group are alphabetically visiting countries of the world, and nowwe are up to "I".
 I decided to try a collage...a technique that I do not use very often.
I obtained an Italian language newspaper: which unfortunately did not have many colour features in it except on the cooking page where the recipe of the day was "Stuffed Zuccini flowers".

Using Modge Podge, which was a first for me I collaged snippets of newspaper articles.
I then sewed together the green, white and red of the Italian flag and added them to each card:
And WHOOPS! I've just noticed that one flag has been positioned  reversed! I hope that does not insult any readers as it was truly accidental and no insult intended.

Honestly though, I do tend to be a tad dyslexic at times, and I hope that can be my excuse.

I'll be taking a short break from postcard making, and blogging for a while as I have corrective procedures for cataracts

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and I'm hoping that as friends say: Everything will be bright and beautiful in the near future