Friday, August 19, 2005


Cat cushion 2

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Adapted from Gary Clarke's book "Cats:Inspiration for Needlework " is this cat worked with Madeira Decora on Organza

Candlewicked cat

Candlewicked Cat cushion

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Not one of my better pics!I'll have to do a little more editing I think.
This would be one of my earliest cat has survived cats,frequent laundering and quite a few pillow fights!
Using traditional candlewick thread and mainly colonial knots and shadow quilted to give some definition


Another Cat on Organza

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This needlework design reminded me of Cadbury--our little "princess"!
Once again using Organza over homespun with Madeira decora plus the odd Edmar thread this piece was done in bullion,satin-stitch,lazy daisy and lattice stitching.

A WiP!

Cat stitchery on Organza

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Being owned by three cats,I tend to be influenced by them in my stitching.
A couple of years back, after buying several of Gary Clarke's books ,I tried his method of embroidering on Organza.
Several cushions were the result,and one heart shaped motif, which was swapped in Chain of Hearts with Dawn in Nova Scotia.This I did for myself.
It still needs some whiskers and shading in the tail area.
The threads are Madeira Decora.

Dropping in for lunch!

We are blessed to have many species of wild birds visit us.Here are two "regulars" dropping in for lunch:A pair of sulphur crested cockatoos who have been named Joe, (after the raucous tones of Joe Cocker) and Jo-Jo.The pink/blue flowers are Match-stick Bromeliads

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Ready to start??

So far I have one denim skirt and a kilo or so of denim offcuts with which to tackle that "bag of fun".Hopefully by Sunday I'll have made a start on the actual needlework

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Bags of fun??

The aim is to construct a bag----handbag,carry bag,whatever from preloved denim jeans;skirt;scraps of denim.

Now jeans as a form of clothing, I first wore in the 1950s(yes Sharon, a dinosaur is participating!!)
Back then(in the 50s),....mine were green, baggy and great for horse riding,bike riding and just generally "mucking around".Jeans wre definitely NOT the fashion statement of more recent years
Enough of the reminiscing!
When my daughter's household furnishings leave for a new/permanent home tomorrow,I'll dig out my off cuts,my skirt and my son's cast offs and make a start.
As I want a practical bag,mine will (hopefully) be mainly hand embroidered with coarse threads,and maybe some applique that will stand up to a life of hard workItemURL>

Sunday, August 14, 2005

The cow jumped over the moon.The second of my blocks for a quilt with the theme being Mother Goose

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Hey diddle diddle,the cat and the fiddle!

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Here is a block for Lyn ready to leave me and head south.I worked on the two central patches:the palepink and the check,where I embellished silk ribbon flowers around a gold heart charm and a (beaded) spider above.I also marched a row of SRE flowers across the lower seam

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