Thursday, June 08, 2006

Belle's Pandora explained

In case you couldn't easily read the scanned pages in the previous posting,here is Belle's story of Pandora!

"I read in a few different places that Pandora was a Goddess,who held gifts for mankind- positive and negative,light and dark--all the dualities in fact.
As has been the way through history the masculine has often been fearful and jealous of the feminine,and the voice and gifts of the feminine have been silenced....the Goddess has been devalued and disempowered.

I like to think that instead of a boxwhich Pandora opened,she was actually the receptacle,and was punished for "showing" her gifts...opening them to the world.

So,my postcard represents the Goddess with all her gifts flowing from her......all the coloured fabrics.
Some of these are looped around others and often the heart,the centre,is hard to see.
The gifts of the Goddess are like this--you have to look closely andcarefully to find what's hidden within.

The interconnected fabrics also represent the fact that often happiness,or a new beginning,or something good is hidden within a tragedy,an ending,or an uncomfortable situation- and vice versa.

The cord stitched around Pandora is the containment of her gifts;it's lighter in places,showing that the feminine can't be contained.

The couched threads are the gifts we have to look for..not all are large,solid chunks(like the fabric pieces) which are easily seen.
Sometimes the "couched threads" are easily overlooked.
I hope you are blessed by the Goddess,and enjoy her stay,and her postcard.

signed ,Belle

Pandora contained


As regular readers will know,I've been involved in a fabric Posctard swap with the theme: Pandora's Box.
I've showed one that I mailed out,and today it was my turn to receive an absolutely brilliant rendition from my online friend, Belle.
She referred to her work of art as "Pandora contained" and included by a separate mailing, her interpretation of her work.
I've included her original notes and if they are not clear enough I'll add later.

I have felt truly honoured and humbled to receive such a beautiful work:
I already have a needle felted frangipani (Postcard)from her skilled fingers,
but when I think of the research,the interpretation;the cutting and stitching that went into Pandora's creation I had to SHARE with you,my readers, this treasure.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Pandora's Box

Now that I know the Postcard has arrived to its new owner........

Pandora's Box was the theme,and I chose to make a box using Xpandaprint which was then overpainted with Lumiere paint in a sunset gold;
Angelina fibres and a dragonfly are used to represent Hope which was last to escape from the box.
I had such fun with this that I made another couple for myself! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Autumn Crazy

I think I mentioned that I'd been in "catch-up mode"?
This is one of my recently finished pieces for my Art journal quilt group:
"Autumn Crazy"
I just felt that CQ and Autumn colours go well together,and this was the result..........except for the skeletonised leaves,there is NO embellishment!
Definitely a first for me.
It's funny how when people ask my favourite colours,the shades of Autumn never get a mention,but my favourite pieces are all based on Autumn,and some form of CQ.
Of course I should admit also that Mounts Bay Road in Perth in Autumn,and "Autumn leaves" and "Smoke gets in your eyes" have always been my favourite memories too. Posted by Picasa

Ready to start experimenting

My CQRR06 round two is on its way to Becky;
My fabric & Fibre postcards have been sent on to their new homes;
The art journal quilt needs only some hand stitching around the bindings to complete it(tomorrow at Mountain Quilters)
The CQed heart for Lio in Switzerland requires a couple more bullions for kangaroo paw blossoms,so I feel I can go play!
Recent posts have delivered a wood burning tool,Tyvek film and Tyvektex as well as some pottles of Neopaque:
There's the 'skeletons' of two more art journal quilts waiting to be,I'm outa here.

Pics will follow,after I've played!