Saturday, July 07, 2007

Fw: flowers & mini Purnie

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Colour me Midnight blue

As part of group 19 FAT Plus sized Inchie swap,I chose midnight blue with silver for my colour choice.

The top set was the first set I made,but these did a detour to USA with the hope they might be included in a magazine photo-shoot.

As they seem to taking a loooooooooooong time to return home,and I've committed to a Swap with other FAT members,I thought I'd better attempt a second batch----

And the lower photo is the result.
After seeing the quality of the two sets I've received,I feel that I should attempt a third batch,
I've run out of time!

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Colour me GREEN

Today's mail delivered two surprises.........both green ....
The first,is a truly dainty set of PSIs from a FAT (Fiber Art Trader) , Diane B from
Washington state.
Three of the four feature small metallic charms applied to machine stitched/quilted backgrounds;
Isn't that spray of flowers cute?(my favourite)

The fourth block is a shaker block:
Diane has applied a layer of organza over a sprinkling of loose stars.

I need to find out how Diane attached those shapes---craft glue? heat fix?

from Susan N of Art2Mail group 29 sent me this "Curves on strips"

A clever use of strips of fabric ranging from apricot through to deepest green, and machine quilted in curving lines,with a rainbow variegated thread.
I may be wrong,but it looks to me as though at least one of the fabrics used may have been sun dyed.

Also in today's mail..........was my ISP account!!
I'm glad I looked at my treasures first.

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Tiny treasures

This orange set of Plus Sized Inchies arrived yesterday from Theresa L of CO.
They truly are little gems!

Theresa has worked three of them in BDE (Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery) and the fourth is a satin edged organza ribbon that she has folded to a rose,then added two gold leaves to complete it.

The lower block is a cast -on -stitch flower,also with golden leaves;
Above it to the left,the flowers are french knots,and the top one is wrapped bullion used to form the flower.

As usual,my photography does not do them justice!
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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Artcards Group 29

Two more beauties arrived in the mailbox today.......
The upper one is from Marylee D in CA :
She has appliqued two fabrics to a third/foundation to produce a great picture.
The beading across the figure's chest and the strand of beads being held add extra dimension.
It's great!! Thank you!

This second leaf shaped card comes from RoslynP in NSW.
Ros and I have participated in several swaps together.
It's obvious that Ros is better with her machine than I!
Apart from Ozpost attempting to cancel on the front of the leaf,it travelled exceptionally well.
The lady-bird beetle is so cute!
Ros..did you place an extra layer of fine batting under the beetle,or is it the quilting that gives it extra depth?
And hey! you should see Ros' lovely neat makes mine look like chicken scratch!

Thanks Marylee & Ros

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Update on "Disappointment"

Last weekend I was complaining about how the cova-crete ended up being two shades.
Fingers crossed,it's been repaired!
Bart came back on Friday and re-applied a generous coating of sealant.
No rain last,hopefully that's one less hassle.

How spoilt am I!!

A few years ago,a dear friend was bitten by the stitching bug,and amongst other forms(of stitching) she decided she would try BDE (Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery)
and Stumpwork------

After a while,she decided this was not her "thing",and I have benefitted.

Today,she came to visit and this is part of what she gave me

To say I'm overwhelmed by her generousity is putting it mildly;
I've always loved Stumpwork....(not that I have much to show for my attempts so far)

Hopefully I can produce some worthwhile specimens in the future.

Thank you Gail!

p.s. some time back I blogged photos of three BDE pieces I did for her,I haven't found them in the archives as yet,but Dec10,2005,shows a Swingle I made her from some kimono fabric she gave me

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