Friday, February 26, 2010


A few weeks back I mentioned that I needed to craft a 12.5 inch square representing


My first attempt is still languishing.awaiting completion as a small quilt.

The second attempt,I once again based around a firestorm through paddocks----
This time,instead of working one one scene, I thought of the burning paddocks as separate entities.

Initially I started with a piece of homespun that I over-painted with orange,scarlet and vermilion to represent the fiery atmosphere.

Using Xpanda print and then later,black Neopaque paint , I built up some fence posts at the foreground of each "paddock"
Before painting the posts,I heat treated them to expand and add a dimension to the piece.
Some posts have glowing embers eating at them.

Using various shades and fabrics(which included,cottons,silks and organza) I added flame shapes,and then using some black cord, some stark skeletons of trees.

I hope the recipients of my cards enjoy.

Now,to complete that quilt!

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