Saturday, July 08, 2006


Still no camera.......I had hoped it would turn up gift wrapped today,but my chief camera buyer has not had the time to pursue it this week due to work committments.
Talk about withdrawal symptoms!!
I may have to see if I still know how to use the 35mm film camera YUK!
No instant gratification there.
The Mother Goose quilt is sandwiched and pinned ready for quilting and binding;
Last night's attempts at hand quilting reminded me how long it was since I'd wielded a quilt needle.......will unpick last night's effort as it's ****!
Of course the fact that I was celebrating with a few white wines with friends was not conducive to even stitching.

Said friends certainly surprised me with their generousity.....their gifts and rendition of Happy Birthday was heart warming.Where would we be without our stitchin bitchin friends!
Thanks Shaz,Kerrie,Pete and Sue!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

V.Q.P. tonight


Very Quick Post tonight,as I'm still in "camera withdrawal"
Today I finally completed my "Mother Goose" bluework top,and have it 'half sandwiched'...I found my recently acquired craft table much handier than the old table tennis table,so 2/3 of quilt is pinned for quilting;

I completed two "Abstract" fabric/fibre PCs for swapping;

I sun-printed another 8x11 inch piece of fabric,for use in either art journal quilts,or postcards;

Last night I completed a seam embellishment on a block(for Jo in NZ) in a "Crazy Quilt Round Robin"
and blogged same to CQCrazy
So tonight, I guess I better go tackle some of those PCs that need addressing ;
and write up Roz and Jo's journals explaining what I stitched on their blocks for the RR,and get them packaged for their journey to Becky in California.

I'm outa here!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July , and all that jazz.......

"Things have been less than "tres jolie" around here the last few days....
My trusty digital camera DIED on Saturday,and I've been in severe withdrawal!
My original guesstimate was that I use the camera at least five out of every seven days,now I'm not so sure:
I've become so used to having a camera hot to trot,whether it's for----
our local (bird) wildlife;
the antics of our three cats;
my CQ committments,
or my art quilts,
or the fabric & fibre Postcards
you get my drift:

Yesterday I did visit an actual camera shop,as well as Ebay and several other online businesses.
I'm still camera deprived!
My birthday shortly,so a good excuse to splurge....
I want "bang for my bucks"!!

So today,I went back to trying to close off a Postcard swap...all 20 of them.

Guess who's lost the packet of International stamps she bought last week!
Guess,who,in a fever of organisational mode fused the post card fronts to the stabiliser before embellishing the said cards?
GUESSwho's totally p**** off with her brilliance??

(No prizeswill be awarded, as I don't have a camera to record it all.