Friday, May 25, 2012

Still a work in progress

It took almost a week to surgically remove the top from its original backing.And it is so good to be back working with a soft batting.

  and now I've nearly completed the metallic stitching.
I need need to attach the second of the larger lacy motifs on the base piece and complete some stippling.

Yes! I'm probably going against all normal quilting procedures, but I'm doing it my way.

Today's weather is cold,wet and miserable;so is a good day for staying indoors.
I have scanned and printed on fabric some photos in preparation for a memory quilt, and I've also trimmed and rinsed an Organza lace motif.
Now it's down to "the cave" to see if I can remember how to set the Embroidery machine up to work some motifs for another quilt.
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