Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Glasshouse mountains

When we still had Lo-e ,our beautiful 45 foot diesel cruiser,we used often to travel up Pumicestone Passage and anchor where we used to experience the most wonderful sunsets:
Behind the Glasshouse Mountains,and reflected in the waters of Tripcony Bight,these are my attempts at portraying a special place.

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Landscape Postcards

Finally,my landscape cards are ready to travel toSweden,Ireland and the USA.I have tried to give a feeling of our Australian landscape
from the Northern Territory;Western Australia and Queensland.
The first two are stylised version (artistic licence?) of Edith Falls in NT.

The third is of a part of the Westralian coastline,with it's sandstone "islands".

The fourth card is an area that calls deeply to my heart: the Glasshouse Mountains.This is meant to represent Mt Tibrogargan.

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It was an idea,which in my opinion didn't "work" the way I hoped.
I feel the piece is too bland.
However,it's been a long time since I used a six strand embroidery cotton for quilting: not the sort of thing that works with a #9 quilting needle,but rather requires a 23 crewel.
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