Saturday, March 01, 2008

Apples aint apples.......

The upper photo is the machine needle felted landscape with a fabric hut replacing my attempt at a lake:
it gives the scene more focus I think.

So now that the hut pieces are vleisofixed in position I'll anchor them with stitching and a wee bit more needle felted foliage.

The lower photo is the fabric appliqued landscape: and I think it's ready for its final tweaking and mounting.

And then,with a free conscience,I can enjoy working on Doreen's CQ block.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm not really here.........

..........I'm actually over here:
It's just that in the past turbulent six months I haven't actually got my act together........
I've forgotten so much!

When sometime last year I changed the format of my blogger KenmaursCorner I lost all the links etc I had in my sidebars ,and I haven't got round to researching and replacing.

(Has anyone got a spare Aladdin's lamp??)

Well,today's mail delivered me a new book "The Quilter's guide to Pictorial quilts" by Maggie McCormick Gordon,so I think I'll go do some reading,and dreaming!
Nite all!

Is it a lake?

The lower area in the middle of the piece is where the settler's cottage "should be";

But...........the patch of WSS peeking through kept on murmuring "water" to me.

So,using some silk and glitzy fibres I momentarily filled in the void.
(That's ok,because if I still proceed with applying a fabric cottage,it will need a stronger backing than WSS stabiliser)

Of course the 'water' is pretty basic at the moment: it would need reeds,reflections and
more shadows around the banks.

At this point,I'll stop a while and ponder what to do next.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Stage one:

Being a little weary of playing with fabric and feeling that it's been 'forever' since I played with my Xpression, I thought I'd try my hand at constructing the appliqued landscape in wool

I haven't got too far with this afternoon's effort: I drew the cartoon onto heavy duty WSS backed with a tear away stabiliser (to stop the WSS 'grabbing ' on the machine bed.)

Once again,this is another case of "What if.......why not!"

If the weather stays wet and dreary again tomorrow I should get at least the cartoon blocked in in colour.

If it turns fine........the garden,and very fast growing weeds and succulents are demanding to be removed.

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I've been doing a bit of constructing.....and destructing, lately!

I've been attempting a landscape in the A4 size format,and finding "things" a wee bit fiddly.
Several times it was flung into the recycle bin,but a friend urged me to keep on working and learn from my mistakes.

There's still quite a bit of work to be done on the piece before it's completed,but I thought I'd share this with you to show that I have been attempting to create.

By the way the dark edging is a roughly cut window in matt card,not fabric; after the piece is quilted ,I'll probably frame it.
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