Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Glitz & Glamour

Well,despite a few hiccups,two of these cards are ready to brave the postal system and travel to new homes.
The third (hot shoe shuffle) I'm keeping for myself!
The swap,organised by my Crazy Quilting Friends was "Glitz and Glamour".

I hope the recipients are happy with my efforts,because ,honestly I was "stumped"................
until I remembered that Sandie some time ago had gifted me the Gibson Girl type figure,and the lady dressed for a Ball, and they gave me a starting point.

In both cards I've used a combination of silk/rayon velvet,gold brocade and an organza with silver hail-spots.

The "Gibson girl/Edwardian lady features silver leaf shapes and SRE flower on the velvet and micro sequins and flowers on the lavender satin.
Because of all the "glitz" I limited the seam treatments in order not to be too "in your face".

With "Ready for the Ball"
I added a few SRE rosebuds to the flounces of the skirt; and then just played around with the other patches.
Using reverse bobbin work and gold ribbon floss on the bobbin I FME'd the shapes on the maroon fabric and added flower beads and micro sequins.
The velvet below the lady has loops of Sadi gold twist and micro snowflake sequins.
The lavender silver hail-spot organza has butterfly sequins,pink/lavendersquare holograpgic sequins and ruby micro beads anchoring them.

Thankfully,I completed my committments just in time,as today my husband was admitted to hospital for observation and possible surgery........hopefully,nothing radical,but I may be otherwise occupied for a while....

Take care,and hope to be in contact again,soon!

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hot shoe shuffle

Well,my card (for me) is finished......not that I did much to yesterday's photo to complete it.
It started off as a reply to the theme "Glitz and Glamour"..........
Well to me,spike heels spell GLAMOUR!!
So,with Tangoes and Rhumbas and steamy sultry nights in mind.............this one's for me!
The other ,gentler two will be unveiled when they reach their new owners.

Today being Sunday and raining as well (a rare event in our neck of the woods) I spent most of the day stitching:

I completed the EIGHT cards remaining for my art2mail Group 29 Swap........if the remaining swappers are still alive!( this has been the most uncommunicative group I've ever been involved with.........whether they all melted in the US summer;migrated to Alaska; or plain don't care.........Who knows!)

In the meantime,I have Doreen,Leslie and Alison to dream up confections (for).

As I need to get my DH to a medical appointment some 40 k away by 8.15 am tomorrow..........
and before that happens,I want to piece a "comfort doll" to play with whilst I wait out the Queensland Health System----
so,off to stitch a bit!

May all your troubles be small!

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Tagged by Moonmilk!

V over on moonmilk has very kindly tagged me.
I believe I have to list the rules so here they are:
Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

Anyway, here's my bravely compiled list:

1. I was born in Broome,Western Australia.
2.I wanted to be the Australian Anna Pavlova,but never had ballet lessons and was told I was "too big",so the world missed out.
3.I wanted to be a journalist,but father decided I should follow in his footsteps and do Pharmacy :-(
Being totally hopeless at Physics,Chem and Maths,that didn't happen.
4. I'm basically a molly-dooker but due to interfering teachers I'm more ambidextrous these days
5.In a bid for 'freedom' I started nursing training at RPH.....family wasn't able to police my activities !

6.Met my husband at a friend's wedding and yes I believe in love at first sight!

7. Who- ever says they've never had a cross word with their partner in half a century is a liar or brain dead.

8. In case you don't know........I love fiddling with fabric and threads.Not sure whether the results are artistic,but I enjoy it and that's all that matters isn't it!

Now........WHO will I tag?

Jacqui aka Jam-mam


Jo has been away for a few days,so I'm safe in dobbing her in VBG.

I think I'll go have a cup of coffee whilst I think who else to throw into the cauldron!