Saturday, March 03, 2007

Art2Mail Group18

Received this week from SpringW in Utah......."the greatest snow on earth" Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another Art2Mail card

This bright cheerful card arrived today from Pat Essex in "snowbound NW OHIO" The iridescent vertical and horizontal stips resulted from Pat's first time use of Angelina;
don't you like the pinked edges!
And at the top is the saying:

" On the road between the homes of friends,
Grass does not grow "

Norwegian proverb
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Monday, February 26, 2007

My work area!

This pic might help explain why I haven't blogged lately!
We have relocated..........two weeks ago;and I'm still trying to unpack boxes.
This area had been designated as my studio,but a spare bed and other things snuck in when I wasn't looking.........
Maybe I'll have to claim the garage after all!
Hopefully when I find new homes for all the above I can use my Janome Xpression and play!
(I feel the need) Posted by Picasa

Cats' revenge

Vicki wondered how my cats would react after being released from their "cat park"-------
Totally cool Vicki !

Here's Cadbury
,yawning her head off on her new bed!
Jesse my "black panther" has been on antibiotics due to cystitis and a jaw infection,and Possum----
does Possum things! Not much at all!
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Sunday, February 25, 2007


Basket of Simple Branches from Shauna Griffiths
Aloha from Hawaai
"Working on my Tan" Carol Heck
"Work!Love! Dance" from Janet Moran

Great little pieces that brightened my days...........thank you ladies! Posted by Picasa

Art Meme 2006

Some time late last year Jo N promised me an Art Meme Swap..........this delightful little piece arrived in the last fortnight.
If you're aware of the TAST in which Jo and many other of my CQ contacts have involved themselves with,you'll probably agree with me that this landscape evolved from it.
Thanks Jo! Posted by Picasa

I'm back!

It seems like an eternity since I had time and internet connections to Blog our doings---in reality it's only been two weeks!
We've made the move (lock,stock and barrel) and here are pics of how the cats were "imprisoned" whilst removalists and tradesmen breezed in and out of the house with deliveries.
Needless to say the three cats were less than impressed with their confinement,but they've settled down and the prison has been removed from the yard........

I hasten to add that Jesse,Possum and Cadbury were brought inside at night and if it rained.
I'm still deciding whether to add "tunnels" around the yard with direct house access for them;will revisit that after patios,rainwater tanks and revamping of garden occurs.

As for stitching.........what's that??
Must be nearly two months since I've done any,so I've been really happy receiving fabric postcards from my Art2MailGroup18 swap,and an Art Meme from NZJo and some gorgeous dyed fabrics from my dear friend Catherine. Posted by Picasa