Saturday, August 04, 2007


Some time back I was approached via my blog to swap with someone in France;
This week,the upper ATC arrived from Janine.
Unfortunately my photography does show the detail : the black background fabric has "LANCEL" woven into it.

My attempts for overseas swaps once again feature Australiana fabrics featuring Wildflowers;the lower card is encased in bridal tulle,because I choes to add some Australian Wildflowers stamps to the reverse side.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Back in April, Joan in IL sent me some Japanese stamps,and in return I was to mke her some ATCs.

I've finally completed some........not only did I use Japanese stamps,but some Australian stamps I thought she might like.

Three of the Atcs are worked on offcuts of deconstructed kimonos...........regular readers may recognise the orange and the green fabrics!

Two were worked on offcuts of painted Timtex from another project;

One I used aqua Habutai silk to tone with the stamp's colour

and the final one used Australiana quilters fabric.

The green fabric ATCs have both Australian & Japanese stamps.

The gold cards are the painted timtex,with appliqued leaves cut from Rainbow Pellon.

I tried to keep the embellishing simple,in order not to distract from the stamps impact.

Red squares from SuZ

Above are the five RED embellished_art_squares received today from SuZ in NJ.

Each block has a different treament,ranging from micro beadsto hand embroidery to needle felting/embellishing.

Also of interest is the paper she mounted the art squares upon;

For more information on how she achieved this surface from crinkled magazine pages,do go visit her blog SuZ Stuff~~~~~a journey from point A to pointB~~~