Friday, March 23, 2012

Funky Friday

After playing with
Move over Picasso" last Friday,  I had a couple more

attempts at making some "scrappy faces" for  PostCardMailArt  group.

Somewhere, sometime  in the past, I had noticed an advertisement for some rubber stamps for Scrap booking, and have done some rough sketches of them to use as "inspiration" at a later date>

Thank goodness for paying heed to SharonB back in 2004 when she was stressing the necessity of keeping a Journal not only of methods used , but of"inspiration" whether as photos, sayings, sketches, description of "how to" perform various techniques....

Anyway, from a rough sketch in black and white,
to one fitted to a six by four inch rectangle,
to tracing the sketch and cutting it into relevent pieces and appliqueing to the card base.
Adding a few embellishments

And, finally three cards are completed.......although I may still add Colour to the back ground of the lady in the black mask!

The fun one for me, was thelast one: Her hair is  made of an old Tide Table !
I would like to make her again, so that her head is NOT tilted on an angle.

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