Saturday, December 02, 2006


Showing the blocks in detail: Posted by Picasa

Christmas is coming.....

...and it's time to hang one of my favourite wall hangings!
Little koalas celebrating the festival,and Santa urging his "six white boomers" to start the delivery run. Posted by Picasa

Postcards in the pipeline

I "know" I should have been doing 'house things" today,but I was itching to stitch!
So here's a peek at some of my yet to be completed cards.....eleven in all,but you don't get to see the lot-------yet!
I need a whole heap for international postings,so I thought maybe I could do a little cheating....
The wild bird photos have all been taken in my yard in the last couple of months,so I've printed some to fabric and,using Australiana fabric designs have framed the pics with a rudimentary crazy patch.
WHY do I think this is cheating.........because,although the photos are my work it doesn't seem arty enough.
What do YOU think?Would you be happy to receive one of these cards,or would you feel 'cheated' at lack of art work?

The third card....another masked reveller has been languishing in a WISP pile for a few months;
and the fourth: another Christmas card. Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 01, 2006

Walking on the wild side!

Barb Stone,one of the members of the Art2MailGroup18,sent me this "Walk on the wild side" this week and hoped I "didn't mind" where she walked!
Not at all,Barb...........vive la differance!
Although I must admit the hairstyle puts me in mind of the Wandjina people.........People of the Dream time!
It's so great to receive so many different themes and styles.
And my grand daughter asks at each visit:
" What new cards this week,Gran?"

So,Barb and others,let's all walk a little on the wild side! Posted by Picasa

You've got mail!

From Nellie Durand!
Early in November between visiting Nellie's Blog ,and she visiting mine we arranged to swap Postcards.
(The Link for that was my November 9 blog entry.)

Nellie's fibre card ,which is one featuring Lake Michigan was accompanied by another card
"Passing Storm", advertising a Textile Exhibition featuring her work.

Close examination of the fibre card shows the way Nellie has used curved layering to represent the waves of the lake,and added paint/foam on the wave tops.

A visit to her blog is well worth while, not only for all the techniques she shares with the reader,but to enjoy her quilts and artwork.

Now to attempt a card for Nellie! Posted by Picasa