Friday, February 11, 2005

KenmaursCorner: Ideas for Fan block RR

KenmaursCorner: Fan RR by MaureenC

After looking at the SCCs message board and LindaB's blog
Chloesplace,I've thought that I'd like to use black chintz as my foundation fabric;the reasoning being that this way I can directly sew blocks in the design I prefer (Grandmothers Fan/garden path )springs to mind,without having to sash the work.
Must find time to do a few mini blocks to experiment.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Central block Rainbow garden

Central block Rainbow garden
Originally uploaded by curli.
A 14 inch square block WiP, which is to be the central block for my DYB "Rainbow Garden" done as a swap/RR?with the SCCs last year.
Since taking the pic a whellbarrow has been embroidered on the path .Still NEEDS more work.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

more on blogging

Am beginning to feel I might be on a roll at last........though knowing my luck and expertise.........
Anyway checked out SharonB's "inaminuteago" and there it was:
blogging made easy!

maybe this will be of interest to others besides myself.
I "think" I've altered settings so that "anyone" can add comment to my topics.
I look forward to getting your input;and once again,thanks to Sharon,all sorts of gems pop up in her blog!
BTW; Blame it on the heat,whatever,but I found those blog sites I listed earlier not to my taste,but it broadened my outlook!


Does a doctor's waiting rooms ever show current magazines?I've yet to see it!
However,today I found a Time magazine dated June28,2004, and subsequently temporarily "liberated" the mag because of three articles:
The first was entitled "Meet Joe Blogg".Starting with the definition of "blog"(n.or v.) coined in 1997,and going on to list various amateur blogsites that vary through news,information,politics,gossip, get the idea!
Anyway I'm now going to do some blog surfing and check out a couple of listed sites to see what goes. the latter purporting to be Australia's most popular blog.........will report back............later!


On the way home from doctor this morning,I detoured into the local Salvo's thrift shop;Was very tempted to buy a multicoloured silk Jacket for $5 but didn't(sez she feeling virtuous!)
Ignored the lusciously embroidered petal and pearl bridal gown for $60 and came out with only a $2 bra.Now is that self restraint or isn't it??
Anyway can now start the "sunburnt country" phase:whenever!
Looking at that pic uploaded yesterday........that white satin was to represent the wave washed(wet) sand;it certainly bounces back the flash doesn't it?

Monday, February 07, 2005

Summer: coast "n country

Summer: coast "n country
Originally uploaded by curli.
Having sketched my ideas in my journal and decided on fabrics,the SECOND stage in constructing the Bra "Summer" now starts.Looking at the pic,the left side is "coast",the right side "country".
Somehow I think that TWO works will be required to achieve my vision.Now to visit an "el cheapo"store and purchase some more padded Bras!

A new week

A new week.....
Tried out that 20six...........weblog.Made the mistake of trying to use the photo log!
Enough said!!
Turns out that you need to upload really small pics (like 30kb) otherwise it keeps timing out.
Haven't fiddled around too much with the actual Blog side....maybe I'll stick with the devil I know :-)
Made a start last evening on "Summer" the second of my CQed bras.I had the thought to combine Summer: country/coast;it looks as though the answer will be two bras now,so I think the coast will be the first completed.
Must go and trawl through the "$2.00/el cheapo shops" and buy a couple more semipadded engineering marvels.