Saturday, February 05, 2005

Help for our Bushfire victims in South Australia

I have been working with a group at my local quilt shop making cot quilts for an Orphanage in Sri Lanka, and you know the old adage
"Charity begins at Home"..................

"Dear Maureen,

A few days ago I received a beautiful letter from a reader, Katrina Watters, who lives near Yorketown on Yorke Peninsular. Katrina wanted to do something positive for those women affected by the Black Tuesday bushfires and has requested donations of needlework supplies to help them get back on their feet.

Here is her letter (in part):

'Every Friday five of us very enthusiastic ladies meet and share our passion for needlework. After hearing about the Eyre Peninsula fire, we decided that we would love to help in some way and thought we could donate some of our excess needlework supplies ... books ... kits... just anything that might make someone's day a little brighter. If we get quite a bit, we hope to drive the 8 hour trip over and deliver it personally.'

If you have any supplies that may help, could you please send them to 'Bushfire Appeal', Country Bumpkin, 315 Unley Road, Malvern, South Australia 5061 and I will ensure Katrina receives them.

Thanks in advance for your generosity.

Warm wishes,

Margie Bauer

Country Bumpkin Publications
315 Unley Road
Malvern 5061 SA
Phone +61 8 8372 7600
Fax +61 8 8372 7622 "

Deanna'sDYB by MaureenC

Deanna'sDYB by MaureenC
Originally uploaded by curli.
This block for DeannaF featured some new tecniques for me.I'd heard about "silk fusion" and had to try it out(using very basic instructions and very little know-how) The butterfly on the brown patch was the outcome.
I'd never made wire edged flowers either,hence the large yellow pansy;The dark green patch has a chain stitched tree with red beads for fruit;A black (beaded) spider lurks on the lower red satin patch, and a Monogram in the upper left corner completes the block.

Completed block for Patti

Completed block for Patti
Originally uploaded by curli.
I paticipated in a DYB(Do your block) Round Robin on the southern crosscrazies;each member provided 6 "naked" crazy quilted blocksand posted them off.Each member in turn chose a block to work on & then forwarded all to next on list.This was my block for PattiS.
As usual there is lots of SRE meandering all over the block;a trail of (glass bead)grapes;A monogram & small lace fan

Still "playing"

I "discovered" Hello last night,so I did a download to see if it works.This morning I attempted to send a pic of a Christmas wall hanging made for a "challenge" in 2002.
Will now go and see if anything came through!
Looks like it's "stay with Flickr"!
NOTHING eventuated;at least with "F" I can slowly load pics to my Blog.I just can't organise them the way I'd prefer.
Must explore the U3A options and see if there's any courses relevent to Blogging!

Friday, February 04, 2005

Wedding keepsakes

Wedding keepsakes
Originally uploaded by curli.
This Ring cushion,bridal purse and heart shaped charm were made in ivory duchesse satin.
I dyed the silk ribbon to the bride's preference(reflecting groom's boutonniere and bridal bouquet) and embellished both with varying sizes of (S.R.E.) flowers and crystal and pearl beads.A couple of brass cat charms are included for the bride's favourite felines.A crystal beaded fringe completes the purse.

The end of week 3?

Once again I'm having a "play" in the hope of finding a satisfactory format..and when one is computer challenged,believe me,it's not easy!
Having successfully(I hope) mastered the art of uploading pics to my site,maybe I can progress to another level.
I think, though, I'll just stick to uploading my pics of needlework completed since 2000 when I first jumped into computer access.
Bear with me as I attempt to add my work in a logical sequence..........please note the operative word is "attempt"!

Front & rear of NB macro

Front & rear of NB macro
Originally uploaded by curli.
Showing the front and the rear of the Needlebook.The rear has a blanket stitched seam that with the addition of yellow beads became a row of flowers;Cretan stitch with 2 strands Rayon thread separates the fall of SRE daisies from the gold/burgandy print and the brown satin blocks.
Narrow brown braid covers the seam edge of the floral blockalong the spine of the book.

Closed NB macro

Closed NB macro
Originally uploaded by curli.
The front view of my "Autumn Needlebook".As the recipient is not(yet) familiar with Crazy quilting I kept the embellishing fairly simple:On the leading edge of the front I worked a butto;the upper right corner has a spray of tiger lilies and pale apricot frago roses drift through some faux fur to the lower right corner.
Other seam treatments are green (rayon)
x-stitch and some narrown white braid

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Quilt top

Quilt top
Originally uploaded by curli.
This is the "now sandwiched" quilt top
"Starry,starry skies" which commenced life as an on-line swap!I said previously that it grew from 12 to 25 blocks.WRONG!!
A final count yesterday as friends and I basted it found there are now 30 blocks.(I thought it was large!)

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Red letter day

The starry quilt was sandwiched today.........YEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAA!
And I find I've got 30 blocks in total rather than 25!
No wonder it seemed so ginormous.
Can't wait to see it completed and being given the "16 paws of approval"(on the bed) by our cat family ! So far the photos of the quilt insist on reposing in curli's pics on

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Some completed UFOs..........

Remember Robert the Bruce and his spider?
That's all that keeps me from bashing my head on the desk in frustration.
I can load pics oh soooooooo easily to my
but to get them on Kenmaurs Corner blog is a real b*****!.All I'm trying to upload is my completed Swozzies Quilt, and my "starry starry skies" completed quilt top!
The latter commenced life as an online swap in 2003...or 2002?I forget which;then I decided 12 blocks were not enough!!
Sane quilter?? I think not! a pinch;but you got to be crazy to "do sane".



A test posting to see if beaded bag flap arrives on my blogger!

Monday, January 31, 2005

Another UFO bites the dust


Another UFO bites the dust............
Yesterday,I finally finished the top of my "Starry starry skies" quilt.
It was commenced in 2003 (I think) as a Swap on Wombats Place.
Not content with the 12 blocks I received I had to do
and ended up with 25(and a few extra).
Staying with shades of blue with a WoW background I cut,sewed;cursed;frog-stitched and resewed ;and finally yesterday,the log-cabin style sashing was completed;
I have the backing, and now I'll chicken out and let someone else do the quilting!
In the meantime,I must remember to bring a step ladder into the house and photograph this step in the quilt's evolution.
I'm still a little disappointed that the Large central(southern Cross) star didn't "fit"----so I guess that's a UFO until I can think up a way to tie it in to the decor: a wall hanging maybe? No.........wouldnt "fit" the room.As a central feature of a continental pillow?