Saturday, December 31, 2005

For Mairead

Don't you HATE it when you plan how to work on a block,and said block develops a will of its own!
This is the block that came to me from Mairead,a 12 y.o. British girl who a group of us are enveigling into the joys of CQ.
I planned to "garden"on this lemon patch:My idea was to have two Norfolk pines framing a pond(the shisha mirror) and have a garden path leading down to the other blocks.
I think that the sun (made with an art doll mold and framed with bugle beads needs more beading.............. Posted by Picasa

Misty morning in Moodlu

Another view across the paddocks.
Summer in south east
Queensland is the "wet season" and with the rain,heat and humidity, the paddocks are green and succulent.
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Misty morning

This was the scene at 4.45 a.m this morning.
I don't normally get up this early but when I saw how serene it was when I let the cats out for their "wee walk" I just had to get my trusty digital into business.
This is the view on the southern side of the house looking to the east!
Why would you want to live anywhere else? Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Looking back.......

">Link Checking through the archives of KenmaursCorner,I see that I'm 10 days short of my first(Blogging) anniversary.
As I said back in January, "it's all SharonB's fault" ...Meeting her at Can-Bra October 2003 has opened such a new and ever widening learning curve for me and I frequently despair at my lack of knowledge and expertise.

Anyway,onwards and hopefully upwards!
Yesterday I went back to working on a CQ block for Mairead:
it has been shamefully neglected the past month or so as other deadlines assaulted me.
Hopefully it will be in the post back to you by New Year

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Blog cleaning

In the process of attempting to tidy up my "favourite Blogs" list I re-found
Valeri's Dyeing 2 sew Blog
and thoroughly enjoyed the visit;particularly when she made tantalising comments about designing "buttons" to use for links.

Joyce of Chief Ten Bears also employs this method.......
so,the question is: HOW do I get one?
Truth be told,I desperately need a web maker/designer(?) who can instruct in one syllable words to sort out my mad woman's breakfast!
Any offers??

Monday, December 26, 2005

Swingle #3

Using up some of the denim off-cuts from my various BoF(three of them..........there's still one to complete)
This Swing purse was for Colleen.
Give me another day to veg-out after Christmas,and I'll be back working on Mairead's block,I promise! Posted by Picasa



For my friends in the northern Hemisphere..........I HAD to find a Christmas cat! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 25, 2005


Our little Princess.....well,she thinks so!
Cadbury,named for a very popular brand of Australian chocolate to which she is partial(if she can get it)is going on for 13 years and still thinks she is a kitten and the princess of the family.
A domestic long hair,my daughter found Cadbury being displayed for sale in a glass fish bowl (no water!)at a market one summer.
The up-shot was that the man paid Colleen to take the poor little kitten because she abused him for his was HOT summer's day.The little furry scrap survived and has ruled us ever since! Posted by Picasa


Jesse is never quite sure whether he's human,dog or cat!
One thing for sure,he's foreman material.....has to supervise any activity whether out in the sheds,in the house or visitors.
Here is taking his leisure using the treadle of a machine as a pillow Posted by Picasa

After the haircut!


We've just come home from the "hair dresser" and Poss is showing her displeasure at her visit to Mandy.
As she was pefectly behaved whilst there...........No sedating,no yowling,hissing or scratching;(And there were several dogs watching from cages)
I ignored her cold shoulder treatment....told her her name should be Honey(for her sweet nature and her colour and she forgave me!
Today was 38 deg C so I think she enjoyed being a cool cat for Christmas! Posted by Picasa

Introducing Possum!

Meet Possum! The sweetest natured roly poly puss you could ever meet!
I'm sure Andrew Lloyd Webber had her in mind when he came up with Jenny Any-dots when he wrote "Cats" favourite musical.

One thing wrong with Poss is that she's cursed with a very thick coat (she's a short hair domestic tortie ex street kid)
And the coat sheds and tangles something cruelly despite using a stripping brush on her.
So.........twice a year she visits Mandy at Doggie Hair Dooz for a "short back and sides"
This is the BEFORE look! Posted by Picasa

A Swingle for KJ


Not as fancy as I planned it to be,but unexpected guests upset my (sewing) timetable and this was completed just before midnight Christmas eve!
Kayla my 9 y.o. grand daughter loved it......and that's all that matters! Posted by Picasa