Friday, August 01, 2008


Finally,I'm ready to mail six of my postcards for the Round 7 of Postmark'dArt swap.

These cards come under the category RECYCLED.

Card #1 features wrist watch 'bits' encased in a vinyl 'bottle' and mounted on some (recycled tissue wrapping paper that was manipulated into paper fabric a few months back.
The song "If I could put Time in a bottle" echoed at the back of my mind for ages.
I wish I could recycle on the time I waste dreaming.

Card #2 also features the recycled paper fabric.This time it's one of my doodle pieces cut to shape.

Card#3: We all 'know'that cats have nine lives,don't we?
So,recycling offcuts from other projects,I've recycled this cat's ninth life.
Card #4: About two years ago,this formed part of an attempt at a Journal Quilt depicting stagnation in the Murray River.
I was dissatisfied with the quilt,but recycling part to a 6by 4 inch format makes it work I think.

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