Saturday, August 19, 2006

Day 3 fabric n fibre Postcards


Not strictly a postcard,but an ATC (Artist Trading Card) measuring roughly 2 by 3.5 inches.
This is what initially got me into fnf postcards:an ATC from a friend in NZ.

I don't know how the "face" would stand up to the postal system without some protective covering.......(this art doll face was made using air drying clay)and arrived in a suitably padded envelope.

I'll make and mail two cards featuring some of these faces and see what happens! Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 18, 2006

CQed Fabric 'n fibre Postcards


As most of my closer friends know,I'm on a Postcard "binge" at the moment,but up until now have steered clear of CQing them.
Funny thing, but for me CQing a PC is more difficult than constructing a block.

More restrictions arise with the fabric postcard than with a block destined for a quilt:
Size: Limited to 6x4 inches,although one has the choice of either portrait or landscape format.

Thickness: Governed by what Postal authorities deem to be acceptable:e.g. No thicker than one quarter inch,or will slide easily through the slotted card used to check same.

EmbellishmentsNeed to be firmly anchored and not too free flowing or they could get ripped off by embelishment eating postal machines Posted by Picasa

Just hangin' around


Another WiP completed.....okay, it still needs some tweaking,but at least (I think) it's recognisable.
My goddess!
Needlefelted with an amount of "Cheesecake" dyed Corriedale wool.

So now it's back to the voodoo board and see if I can save MrsHobbitt from becoming "Cousin It"! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 17, 2006

50 days: 50 fabric and fibre postcards


Normally I hate jumping on another's bandwagon:
I'm referring to SharonB's inaminuteago
blogging of "100 details for 100 days".
Now don't misunderstand me,I'm learning heaps from reading Sharon's daily postings (she's up to Day58) and the other stitchers are presenting some interesting details too;
but my stitching skills are not up to telling/showing how it should be done.

At the moment I'm fairly consumed by/with fabric and fibre postcard swaps(the blame for that I lay at a certain NZ lady's cutting- mat ) so I thought

Why not do something similar about postcards?

The last three days have seen cards arrive from USA,Italy and the UK, and I'm in the process of planning cards for several different themed swaps.
Today,because I was having CQ withdrawal symptoms,I've basically worked on four CQ themes.....up until now I've tackled everything but CQ for cards;

and I'm learning that-----
What you can "do" as a CQed block does not necessarily work for a 6x4 inch postcard!

Consider embellishments!

When I embellish a blockI don't agonise quite so much over the thickness of embellishments because I don't have to worry about the overall depth---
(postcards are one quarter inch thick or less: as decreed by postal authorities around the world!)

I don't even give much thought to if there are "dangly bits"because I know the block will not be subjected to machinery.

Because of these restrictions,I tend mostly to mail my cards in clear sealed envelopes!
I can hear the purists screaming that I'm not playing the game........

I put a fair amount of time and thought into making my cards, and if a clear envelope gets the card to its destination in a fairly pristine state,I'm happy.

Way back in January this year I came across a blogger's lament on Princessandthepea

and that plus post office staff advising me to use these clear envelopes made me take this action.

I now expect a tidal wave of comment!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Postcard from Italy

Today's mail brought a card from Giusy ,in Trieste,Italy.
Isn't this a great interpretation of a bridge over a river!

I "met" Giusy through "Fiberarts Postcard group",and she says this is the only the second fibre postcard that she has made.
I must say,I'm looking forward to seeing her other cards,her CQ,
and,her quilting.

Thank you Guisy for posting this to me! Posted by Picasa