Monday, February 10, 2014

White on white

Isn't it funny, how one gets an idea/inspiration for a theme and then proceeds in an entirely different direction! This happened to me when I chose "White on white" for the current round of swaps in Postmark'dArt I originally planned on using "safe" Candlewicking or even Montmellick type embroideries THEN I started moving outside my comfort zone I thought of the wool and silk batts I have that are (more or less) WHITE. Take note of the "more or less" After I had needlefelted a couple of 4by6 inch blanks for the postcards, I found that the "white" silk I had used actually had pink fibres incorporated in it! These fibres weren't visible in the batt, only when the fibres were felted together!

Above are two attempts: N/f base with digitised machine-embroidered design and hand embroidered embellishing

Works in Progress

I am working against a couple of deadlines at the moment: One (deadline) was passed three days back. I had it fixed in my little brain that the due date was February 15! Ok that's no excuse I know, but will the fact that I forgot how time consuming hand-work can be,

work? The theme for the late commitment was "ONE WORD" Because recently I have returned to Crazy Quilting I chose the word EMBELLISH and set it into a crazy patched background. The word was typed onto a background then printed onto fabric and stitched onto the naked block I then commenced to EMBELLISH the four postcards to be.......... And as you can see above, here are two of the as yet incomplete postcards

Saturday, February 01, 2014