Friday, March 16, 2012

Funky Friday

Having had an AHA Moment  last night with regards how to tackle the theme STRESS,
I spent the morning preparing for my "stress cards".As they were proceeding at a reasonably acceptable standard (compared with my first attempts)
I decided to have some fun and play with Crazy Faces for
PostCardMail Art group.

"Move over Picasso" is the result! Totally stress free, and slightly wacky!
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

A touch of craziness

I finally decided that my attempts at creating cards themed for
STRESS weren't working out.
The idea was fine, but the execution was far from satisfactory.

 So to reduce my self induced stress I retreated to an old love.....
CRAZY   Patchwork.
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

With Heart and Hands: Full Moon, Solar Flares and Sun Spots

With Heart and Hands: Full Moon, Solar Flares and Sun Spots

A lazy woman's flowers

 Dare I admit that I'm nearly post carded out?

All I seem to do these  days, is make fabric and fibre postcards,
And after about six years I feel the need to move to "something" without time limits.

OK.. I've had my whinge.
But I feel guilty for not putting in as much effort as I do normally.
These cards were made using some glitzy flowers from a deconstructed lei.
Some spare silk leaves from another flower;
Some skeleton leaves from my hoard, and the cards are ready to go travelling.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

No theme?

 Having used my Gelli plate to print some fabric (see earlier blog) I thought I should use some of the fabric.

Of course, I'm sure some purist will ask "How can you title it  no theme, when the fabric in all six cards is from the same batch?"

My choice, my dear!  (said with a cheeky grin)

Anyway, I thought that some hand stitching and the addition of a few embellishments would act as the no theme
for this part of Round 14 for Postmark'dArt.

One card has a  paper clay molded  face painted with a Lumiere paint, and nestled into an orange gold silk flower.
 The second has soft metallic mesh appliqued with a multi toned thread.

Card three is a mixture of flower sequins, metallic ribbon floss and a bead cabochon.
Card four has a band of mesh held in position with a strip of sequinned ribbon
Five has a larger black mesh, liberated from a now defunct scrap-booking supply and bigle beads and another cabochon added/
 Finally, card six sports some ribbon floss; a paper flower anchored by a matching brad and some oval shaped beads. tackle those STRESS themed cards! They are really giving me grief. I may have to start again with another idea.

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