Monday, June 12, 2006

Lining a Swingle

> These bags here.
Recently I was asked for a method for doing a bag and lining all in one
for Swing bags and dilly bags.
I thought I'd share my method

It's a pretty simple method really.........and works particularly well with those small Swing bags and dilly bags.

Before you sew up the bag,cut the linings the same size as the bag;
Right sides together,sew the top edges together and press seam allowance back towards body of bag.
Lay the two sets of joined pieces together and with right sides together,stitch around them,
(making sure that the top edge seam is stitched towards base of bag...I generally pin it down to make certain)

leaving a gap of an inch or two,preferably on one side of the lining;This is where you can turn the bag to have the right side OUT.then whip stitch the gap in the lining;position lining inside the bag and all is done except for adding the cord s for carrying.

If this isn't clear enough directions,let me know and I'll try and make time to add diagrams.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Pandora's Urn

 This is the second of the Pandora's theme that I mailed out.
Once again I used Xpandaprint to build a version of an urn whose lid fell off;
I did attempt to use a stamp and Lumiere paints for a dragonfly background over which I added dragonflies in the "rays of hope"(Angelina fibre) Posted by Picasa