Sunday, April 06, 2008

Outside the Square"

The brief on the Craft Forum was to create a (finished) six inch square "Quiltie"
featuring "something" on both the front and the reverse.

I chose to work "outside the square" of traditional P&Q.
The "front" I formed using wool tops ,cotton muslin and my Janome Xpression machine to form a piece of machine n/f felt of lime green,rust and a small patch featuring lavendar,gold and green.

After a recent foray into a scrapbooking shop,I found an interesting piece of shaped card,of which I cut a small sqaure which was then painted with Lumiere metallic sunset acrylic.

This piece was anchored to the felt by using sequins and bugle beads.

I then added two dyed and split silk cocoons,which were anchored with green sea shell fragments.

The reverse or backing features a cluster of leaves,super- imposed with a hot glue motif!

The motif was a result of a challenge on the "yahoo textile challenge group",which was overpainted with (sunset) metallic Lumiere acrylic paint.
The shape was then "rubbed with gold embossing for further definition

My point in this piece was to demonstrate that a "quiltie" need not be a traditional P&Q piece .

I LIKE thinking; "What if? Why not?"
whether my fellow swappie agrees,remains to be seen.

But I had FUN......and enjoyed what I did.
C'est la vie!

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