Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A two postcard day!

This card arrived from AdriaP of Postmark'dArt today:
Its theme was "My backyard" and Adria has shown a view from the inside looking out.
I love the fractured effect gained by angling the window frames,dont you!

The second card from LindaM of FiberArtsPostCards was themed around Masks,Masks,Masks"
It's a beautiful fabric to which Linda has added embroidered metallic threads as ties for the mask.

After seeing Julia's cards (over at Camille's Place ) for our Christmas theme swap at Crazyquiltingfriends,I've decided mine aren't up to standard,and when I recover from this bout of the dreaded lurgy I'll tackle them again.

I also a a phone call from my Janome dealer today:My Janome Excellence (Embellisher)
has arrived and is ready for pickup!
I felt just too miserable to rush and and get it.....hopefully,tomorrow?
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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Postcard from Debby


An online group I belong to recently had a "Fabric and fibre postcard swap"
Those of you who read my "Fifty days" of fabric and fibre posctards will not be surprised at me being involved in yet another swap,will you?

Anyway,this delightful card arrived in this morning's mail from DebbyS of Downey,CA.

She has appliqued a pair of slippers and embellished them further with (I think) a gel pen.
Aren't they "neat"!
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Monday, October 23, 2006

Masks,masks,Masks.....FAPC group


The red and gold "Masks add mystery to encounters" card arrived today from JanetP in Nebraska.
The predominantly black and white mask from Darlene S was blogged back around October 11.
When the third card (that completes this swap) arrives,I'll photograph the three together so the effects are more clearly visible.
My editting of scanned pics is not the best.

In the meantime,I'm attempting some CQed Christmas themed cards for my "Crazyquilting friends"........some pics later
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My dilemma


A couple of years back I bought this case of Bassetti bed linen for my daughter's trousseau.
Wouldn't you was not her preferred style,so mother still owns it and doesn't know whether to use it or try selling it.
I've found nothing similar on Ebay..........any (practical) suggestions,anyone?? Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 22, 2006


A friend shared this Link with was so incredible I just had to share with you.