Thursday, October 18, 2012


 The most beautiful and loving cat person I have ever met:
Sam Wise
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Newspaper: second stage

When I first pieced "newspaper" I had plans of using
geometrical embroidery, but looking back at some other machine embroidery designs I had used, I was drawn to BUTTERFLIES,and I thought why not use the same design in the two basic colors running down the length of the quilt!
At this stage, I'm debating whether to employ more embroidery designs, or to stay with quilting patterns running (haphazardly?/diagonally) down the quilt.
Whatever stitching is added, I plan to stay with RED and BLACK, in keeping with the colour ways used in the pieced quilt.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Remember the kid's riddle:
"What's black and white ,
 and re(a)d all over?"

Sure , the days of such basic newspapers
have disappeared but I thought it makes for a quirky title for my latest quilt,

I had in mind to attempt a slightly crazy patch (even though all pieces are rectangular,rather than varied geometric shapes)
and then I plan to use various machine embroidery motifs that I have downloaded.
Laces, trimmings, buttons and beads may also appear....
who knows!

The first picture shows one of the several fabric auditions I played with before I finally decided on picture #2
which is shown with the accepted pieces stitched together and ready to embellish

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