Thursday, January 27, 2005

Where did the week go?


Here it is,a week later and not much has been accomplished(in the stitching field)
Another batch of Mango Chutney was made,and the division of the harvest still goes on between us and the fruit bats.As usual the bats are coming out in front.
Have just about completed the CQed needlebook and finished the binding on another 3 cotquilts for the Gulle/Sri Lanka orphanage;

Today I finally got 'round to laying out that "Starry starry skies quilt,removed the block that was offending me,frog stitched same and now have to decide on a star block to replace it.

Yesterday,seeing it was my dedicated deadline for my SWozzies quilt I photographed it and sent an email to PasCol in Berikon as a "Happy Australia Day" gift,although they don't physically receive it until they return to OZ later this year.
Measuring 1x1 metres the quilt was designed as a memento of their camping trip around Australian mainland and Tasmania in 2003.
It is a map of Australia showing their route,and the map is surrounded by Redwork-embroidered Flora and Fauna of Australia.
The blocks are sashed with a dull green and a maize coloured fabrics representing the Australian landscape....
I'll add a pic,now that it's complete.

Regarding Australia Day,I was pleased to see that the Oz of the Year is Dr Fiona Wood(who to my mind should have received the award last year instead of cricketer Steve Waugh).
I really think that these awards should go to people who achieve something constructive in the community(like Dr Wood with her spray on skin for burns victims) instead of sporting personalities,actors,politicians and civil servants.
To my mind the next award should go to our ADF personnel who are serving in the Tsunami areas of Bandah-Aceh and the volunteers who help out in times of disaster:fires,floods etc.
But I particularly take my hat off to those young people in the ADF who are enduring such atrocious conditions to help others.
Let's hope that they are going to get counselling to help them outlive some of the terrible scenes they have been exposed to.