Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday report


So,what has been accomplished this week?
The Mother Goose quilt is at an acceptable(read usable) stage: It does need some shadow quilting around the stitcheries........but as I've decided I prefer hand quilting to machine,that will be at my leisure.
As my DD has decided "no children" and my grandchildren haven't started producing the next generation,the quilt can languish in my "Hope chest" for a while.

Several fabric and fibre postcards were sent on their way to new homes,both in Australia and the U.S.A.I'll show pics after they have got to their new homes.

I've gone back to my (behind schedule) Art Journal Quilts,where I've been attempting some "fractured landscape" a not very satisfactory manner so far.
My versions of fractured landscapes worked in a 6x4 size,but in a 8x11,a totally different matter!
I've also been dabbling with heat tools,Xpanda paint, Tyvek and more Jacquard Opaque paints.

I've made some "chook" pot holders for GD's school fete in October.
"Chooks"??? For non-Aussies,that translates as hens or chickens. :-)
Nothing classy or even "arty"... just good old fashioned pot holders!
And I guess I need to make "more".
Okay KJ! Gran will get to work!!

I also made a batch of Tomato Relish.....just to keep honed some old skills.
I scavenged a supply of metal lidded glass jars,ready for Strawberry Jam,and tomorrow after firewood scavenging friends depart,I'll tackle a couple of fibre 'n fabric postcards for an "Anything goes" swap due to be mailed out next Tuesday.
I'm thinking of incorporating some of my sun printed fabrics I did a week or so back

And apart from browsing the latest "Emb X-Stitch and Beading" magazine,and reading a couple of chapters of a Patricia Cornwell mystery,not much else was accomplished this week.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mother Goose and Kodak

Mmm ! I guess that I can say I've finally had a win!
After an excessive amount of faffing around,I think I've won the battle of the download.
I'm the owner of a new Kodak zoom digital camera ,a P850...........and I've had all sorts of headaches learning how to transfer the pics from camera to computer.Seems I've finally (partly) sorted that out and here's Mother Goose to prove it. Posted by Picasa