Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fabric & Fibre Postcards:Day 17

More fibre than fabric,
Kay Susan posted this Paisley beauty to 6x4 lives as her August posting.

.......and this is what she said:
To me, paisley suggests richness of colour and design and I decided to experiment with traditional crewel work. I started off in the traditional way, but gradually the embellishments crept in!

SharonB of inaminuteago has also submitted a paisley based stitchery for her August card.

The wools used in Kay Susan's card are such gloriously rich colours,that I'm tempted to try it out some crewel work again......if I can find where I filed my stash....(I have a sneaky feeling that I sent them to a better home some time back.)

Friday, September 01, 2006

CQ Crazy: It's your turn next,Becky!

CQ Crazy: It's your turn next,Becky!

Art journal quilt

Trying to catch up on a couple of months quilts!
This Masked Reveller was appliqued onto a fabric that I attempted sun printing using wrapping tissues to leach colour into the main colour.
As the effect wasn't exactly what I'd visualised I thought it would serve as a carnival background.
Angelina fibres added for their light refecting effects.
Now to dye more fabric for bindings. Posted by Picasa

Fabric & Fibre Postcards: Day 16

Postcards from Maureen 030.jpg, originally uploaded by curli.

For this card,I chose to use some fibre fusion "silk paper" with an abstract "figure" constructed from Tyvek film,which had been heated and then painted with Lumiere pearlescent paints.
Sari yarn was then draped behind and around the Tyvek shape

Some quilting was added by using Gold ribbon floss used in the bobbin and stitching on the reverse side of the card.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Fabric & fibre postcards:Day 15


Australiana Another way to remind overseas swappers of "where I live"
is to use Australian fauna or flora designed fabric;
The fabric used in these cards was a craft cotton from Spotlight some time back.

Okay---maybe Aussies think it a little cliche'd to use a fabric like this;not artie enough,but I live in an area where there are still roos and the odd platypus and koala,so why not flaunt it(Especially when posting overseas)

Two of the cards were heat fused to backgrounds to represent the country's colours,the other? well....koalas are happiest up a gum tree! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Fabric & fibre Postcards: Day 14


Just a very quick note today as I have 5kg of strawberries to prepare for "jamming"
(making strawberry conserve)
I find that if I need to machine stitch quilting or embellishments to my cards,I make certain I have a clear or white bobbin thread so that shadows don't show through the backing.
And having completed the required stitching I then fuse the backing into positionand tidy up the edging.

See you tomorrow,when I'm strawberry free>

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fabric & fibre postcards: Day 13

Fabric & fibre postcards, originally uploaded by curli.

Hand quilting:
Until this beauty arrived in today's mail I hadn't thought of hand quilting a card;
Most peculiar as hand stitching is my preferred option most times!

White on white,I think it's a heron in a small pond:Connie has not confirmed that,but the bird looks very similar to the grey herons and egrets that hang out around our paddocks.

Another thing that amazed me,was that this white on white work arrived here unblemished and without a protective cover.
How good is that!
I'm also glad the card arrived today,rather than yesterday when 50mm of rain bucketted down and sprayed into our letterbox.

Thanks for the card,ConnieT

There's a bear in there.............


Sorry about the photo quality: it was taken back in 1978 with a dinky little Kodak 120.
The comments from Chief-Ten-Bears

reminded me of a visit to Houston Zoo(I think) with my daughter and we were absolutely gobsmacked by the size of this fellow!

Joyce! This one's for you. Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 28, 2006

Fabric & fibre Postcards: Day 12


Today,I thought I'd show some of the tools I use for my postcards:
Right at the back of the photo,is a roll of lightweight stabiliser similar to Timtex l/w.
(because I'm not using a l/w Fast 2 Fuse with heat fusible features on both sides,I'll also need to add a heat fusible webbing to the list.)

In front of the white stabiliser is a large (12.5") square ruler;
A box of machine embroidery threads
A rotating cutting board for trimming cards to a finished size of 6x4 inches,
a smaller (6.5") square ruler
Several rotary cutters,both straight and wavy edged
and a pile of lace,braids,yarns for embellishing if required.

Not included in the photo is: my large rectangular cutting board for when I work with a 9x13 inch size,which results in four postcards.
a selection of fabrics for the front of the card
a piece of light coloured Homespun for the reverse side for message and address.
a Zig brand pen for writing on reverse ,as I'm not computer comfortable enough to print out a postcard format. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Day 11 Quilted F'n F Postcards

These two cards arrived as part of a "quilted" swap: The Dresden plate from JudyB in TX USA was "left over from a doll quilt I made" says Judy.
The entire card outside the plate is stipple quilted.
The precision in the segments of the plate is great.

The second one,from FriedaO in the UK has three differing patterns forming the background:The yellow-orange section is stitched with the seam allowances on the right side and in a wavy pattern(technical term escapes me at the moment)
Central section is like a chess board and the final third put me in mind of the checkered flag used in motor racing.
Super-imposed over the background are two fussy cut Ranunculi flowers.The effect in my mind is of hot summer days! Frieda also finished her edging of the card with a wavy rotary cutter....which appeals to me as I have great difficulty in achieving "tidy" satin stitched edging.

I'm very grateful to both these ladies for swapping with me.........I can only hope they aren't too disappointed with my efforts. Posted by Picasa