Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sunday lunch

Upper photo: Okonomiyaki cafe in Hiroshima......November 2008

Lower photo: Okonomiyaki at Redcliffe jetty Markets March 2009

Can it really be three months since I last blogged!

I remember how when I first started (blogging) back about 2003/4 I religiously added 'something' daily...........but these last seven months I've slipped badly.

Perhaps now that Summer is officially over (but the weather gods haven't taken notice of the calendar!)
Things may cool down weatherwise and once again I'll get back to my fabrics and fibre creations.

As a Category 4 cyclone "Hamish" is cruising southwards from FNQ (far north Queensland) and it has been suggested we start preparing "just in case"'
I went shopping for a few staples ,then ventured on to wander through the Jetty Markets at Redcliffe.

A lovely day to be by the waterside....the Markets are in the parkland just above the beach,in an area dotted with lovely shady Norfolk pines.
Picture it!

All the tents dotted among the pines and displaying their colourful and delightfully perfumed wares......clothes (Bali style clothing so suited to our hot and steamy Summers)
Crafty things from beading,crocheting,decoupage..........
Food: Jams,olives,olive oil,avocado oils,turkish breads,homemade sweets,fruit,vegetables............

For the soul.....scented candles,incense,essential oils

Greenish-blue water lapping at the creamy sand; The wonderful sounds of three

didgeridoo's throbbing in harmony as one artist kept us entralled with his skill.....

Happy people enjoying the musician's skill.....he was really "on song " today.

And then I found it!

"Japanese foods"

run by Kristy & Daisuke Mori.

So this very happy little vegemite had Okonomiyaki for lunch..............and loved every mouthful.

For some reason some reason the photos insist on remaining at the top of the blog.............and I'm so rusty in blogging skills these days I have forgotten how to reposition them.
By the way......the bright pink garnish on the Redcliffe version is pickled ginger.