Saturday, February 02, 2008

O toyota!!

Wednesday I had attempted to complete the hand stitching to allow me to mail "Autumn Blues" to Canberra,
but due to a few hiccups ,that didnt eventuate.

After a plethora of visitors Thursday,early Friday morning I accepted that the 'ivy' leaf and piece of bark

(see earlier bloggings where items were pinned in position)

had gone walkabout with one of the visitors........

In desperation I discarded idea of the leaf trailing over lower edge of the quilt
and added a few blue skelton leaves.

This morning...........the errant leaf 'returned'-----

The only place I hadn't looked/searched:
In the kitchen sink!

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Friday, February 01, 2008


This past week I've received two cards based on the Valentine's Day theme:
The red and white card arrived yesterday from Carol H in Barker.N.Y.

The second ,striking card arrived from Carina K in Sweden:
Carina has worked in metallics-- using a copper foil for the two hearts, and machine stippling in turqoise and copper metallic thread over turqoise foils.
Very effective!
Thank you ladies!
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Monday, January 28, 2008

Autumn Blues

The 'Autumn blues' quiltlet is complete----I think!
Its ten inch square was made in memories of many Autumns spent at KenMark,when the several silky oak trees(Grevilliea robusta) used to deposit great heaps of leaves...which required regular raking and burning.
It really made my autumns blue......we felt like squirrels in one of those round cages......never finished until spring arrived!
Several large garbage bins each day.

But the October blossoms brought the birds for the nectar,and by Summer we had wonderful shade on the western outlook; No pleasure without a little pain.

Leaves in the Autumn come tumbling down
Scarlet and yellow,russet and brown.
Leaves in the garden swept in a heap
The trees are ready to sleep.
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Be my Valentine?

Some weeks back I experimented with calico,various tissue wrapping papers,diluted glue,Angelina fibres and Lumiere paints,to produce some rather bright paper/cloth?

Remembering that I'd committed to a Valentine Postcard swap,I thought I'd "play":
These photos are the result resulting collages./postcards.

The first pic features some fine pink bridal lace and a lace motif behind black bridal tulle.

The second and the third cards feature two fabric prints made and given me by my friend SandieW.

One is framed with some cream braid from my stash and gold butterfly stamping;

The next,a sepia toned print is framed with lace from my CQ stash and ruffled ribbon floss.
A fine blue organza bow anchors the lace and floss.

Finally,another lace motif heart with more Angelina imprisoned by black bridal tulle.
All cards are edged with a multi-coloured blanket stitch.

I hope the recipients enjoy my attempts.

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