Saturday, May 14, 2005

A change from needlework!

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The recent rains have stirred the Dendrobium Biggibum (aka Cooktown Orchid) into setting a few blooms.
It's also the right time for my Zygocacti to bloom;As they are making a colourful showing on the back verandah,I must post some pics of them in the near future

Friday, May 13, 2005

Something other than needlework! The recent much needed rain spurred our "icecream tree"into sending out some unseasonal blossoms

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One side of the Thread lace experiment

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Rainbow tatting and Thread lace

Having parcelled my naked fans ready for mailing,and the BDE pieces being complete,I thought I'd try again to best the needle-tatt
As I tend to a degree of dyslexia( due,I'm sure to the fact that my body is never sure whether it's right hand oriented,or left handed) I find that coming to grips with a new procedure involves a lot of fiddling and then adapting to my needs.
Last night I thought that I'd go back to using a slightly larger needle and a heavier(Anchor perle cotton #8)thread.
I attempted to join rings with chains--------joke!!
I now have to work out,at what stage I reverse the work!! Seems to me I've reversed the work before I even started.
My butterfly looks more like something out of Jurassic Park,and my motif is more than a little cock-eyed!
MORE practice------

On a lighter note:
Last year I read an article by Cindy Thury Smith(the CQNewsletter)
on "Thread Lace".
Having a fair stash of offcuts/endpieces of silk ribbon,embroidery threads and even smidgeons of fancy fabric,I decided to have a play & see what resulted.
Placing these yarns,fibres and threads between two layers of "solvy" and machine stitching it all together it resulted in an A4 sized piece of fabric,which I'll now try cutting into butterflies or dragonfly wings for use as embellishment.
Good fun!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Update on needle tatting

Below is pictured one of the more successful examples of my attempts at (Needle)Tatting.
Funny thing:when I first started I followed advice and used a large-ish sized needle,and heavy crochet thread;
Result? Tangled messes!
Of course,it does help when I remember to hold the tail of the thread up behind the needle!
Last night I decided to go for broke: Out camt the #7 needle and the #80 thread:
Result: At least I was able to join four rings together!
Now I must concentrate on equal sized Picots,and try joining in another thread.

My first nearly successful needle tatted rings

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Monday, May 09, 2005

Knotted lazy Daisies

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Eucalyptus Flowers in bullion stitch

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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Geron daisies

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A (slightly folded) view of the three sprays of flowers

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Bridal of the completed BDE pieces

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Two less UFOs,and another WiP

As I started this Blog to stir me into completing some UFOs(unfinished objects) and to date only two projects have made the transition,I'm happy to report that another two are no longer WiPs(works in Progress)
Last year a very dear friend decided that Brazilian Embroidery was not "her thing",and subsequently I inherited two kits and various other goodies.Last night,I completed the stitching on both,and when they have dried out after their bath,I'll photgraph them, and add them to the Blog.

I have also commenced work on a block from a RR which I write of in my other blog
The block is a 12 inch square and after deliberation I've chosen to work on the purple patch.
So far I've started an entwining vine down the seam line,where I'll add SRE flowers in tones matching with the other patches,and probably a spray of BDE flowers spilling down the patch.

Anyway,must go and block those BDE flowers for photgraphing.........

Round Robins

After pleading on SCCs for "someone to play with me" I now have five who are joining with me in a Fan Round Robin.
The first Fan RR commenced at a time unsatisfactory for me and I was suffering withdrawal pains at not participating in a RR for a few months-------must have regular "fixes"!
Anyway,MaureenB;CatherineS; JanW; MaxineJ and MarianE are orgainisng themselves with either one 12inch(finished) block, or four 6inch blocks.
So far it seems that three of us have decided on the four blocks,I wonder what the other three will do.
The blocks concerned do not necessarily need to be fans,they can be embellished with will be interesting to watch the themes develop.
I've heard that at least one block will be constructed in lightweight denim,as a result of seeing LindaB's denim telephone pouch.