Friday, November 03, 2006


The first card from the Art2Mail Group 18 Swap arrived today.
This was from ChristineR of the UK Posted by Picasa


Today I finally took delivery of my Janome Xpression Needle Punching machine.

It seems forever Since Emmy told me of her Embellisher,and now.....
big smiles and fun times ahead for this gal!

When I played the accompanying DVD and heard the magic words No rules I thought
(For those who don't know me,I'm slightly obsessed with Crazy Quilting and adore the
No rules Rule! )
I've never been truly comfortable with (traditional) Patchwork & Quilting which demands matching points and straight seams.
I like to operate on the
What if,why not ?? principle.

So,after raiding my sewing "trash bag" of fabric and thread off-cuts I chose to use a piece of a discarded satin pillow slip as the foundation fabric
(not a good choice,by the way)

After needle punching some fabrics to the base,I pulled out handsful/handfuls(?) of discarded threads and silk ribbons,laid them on the foundation,

overlaid all with white nylon organza and "punched" the lot together!

I then randomly laid some faux fur knitting yarn and repeated the needling.

Finally,using three small circular layers of organza I attempted some basic 3-D flowers.

I know I'm going to have fun! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

That Art MeMe

I see that Jo

has succumbed to the MeMe challenge that started I think with Arlee over on !

So far only Emmy of has come to play with me

and Gerry of

(although Gerry and I are debating if we post to each other as we regularly visit each other's Blog

Are you confused yet?I know I am: but then it doesn't take much to do that at the best of times.

Forgive all cats......


....for they do know what they did!

This great card from my friend YvonneS (she's servant to a cat-person also) arrived this morning.
Isn't it great!

Funny thing is,it was my black Jesse who was "bad puss" earlier in the day.

Thanks Yvonne (& Merlin, who I'm sure provided the inspiration) Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 30, 2006

CQed Postcards


I'd forgotten how fiddly CQ becomes when making fabric and fibre postcards!
Tidy edges were difficult to achieve;
And knowing that the colours used are not my preferred colours made me even more uncomfortable.

Maybe I'll find TIME to attempt another batch---but truthfully,
I just want to go take delivery of my Janome Excellence and play Posted by Picasa

Mutant Wacky women


introduced me to her wacky women and now they've mutated as result of a challenge swap over at Fiber ArtTraders!
The challenge was to use hardware bits and pieces to create/dress a doll.

Of course,I didn't read it properly,did I!
You were meant to start with a soft bodied doll!
I visualised a frankensteiny creation with electrical wiring/cabling for armature of the body;
Stainless steel curly hair (which was replaced by steel wool already available)
Anyway hunni and doo are off to new homes in the UK and the US....if the Customs don't deem them dangerous aliens Posted by Picasa



I just knew I hadn't worded myself clearly yesterday....
Thanks Emmy for pointing out the error..............and s,o in the interest of getting it RIGHT this time,I've copied Emmy's posting:

Artshare Meme

Saw this on Arlee's blog She is a busy woman she makes wonderful bags

So if you want to play along read this and you wil get a piece of art from me , but you must follow the instruction ,

The first five people to respond to this in the comments section will receive a
piece of artwork. BUT if you respond you have to post this to your blog too and continue sharing the art. It will be a surprise!!! And I get to choose what and when to send--meaning it will be after the first week of November at least.........

I think it is a great way to share art

So,Like Emmy and Arlee,I invite you to share in the Art Meme and the first five comments will receive....
(sound of trumpets weakly off stage)
an original art work of long as you follow the conditions as explained by Emmy for her blog,mine,and..............

Sunday, October 29, 2006

It's all Emmy's fault

Having been unwell for a few days and not being active reading or blogging myself I visited Cramzy's blog today of my favourites I must say;
Anyway what Emmy had blogged sent me over to Arlee who I hadn't visited for a while,and as a consequence I need to add a link to her site too!

(Somehow I dont think my brain has come back into gear after a week sorry Arlee,I'll try again tomorrow.