Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Random acts of Kindness

I have been humbled by the support I have had from online friends over the recent loss of my dear husband.

We hear so many negative things about people and the internet,but as is usual little time is devoted to the good that comes from contact with like minded people who try to help others.
In the last few days,I have received these six inch blocks......

The first is from Hideko in Japan .

Then,there is MaureenB,who has been an online friend for a few years;
Maureen remembered how much I love my cats!
Then Monika/aka papillon also remembered that I love cats and appliqued this for me.
I met Monika through the Craft Forum sponsored by Express Pubications.

I also have received from the Craft Forum a package (or two) of Caring Hearts.......
These members forward to a member a package of six or so six inch quilt blocks...all with a heart theme.
They are like receiving a warm hug when one is needed.

Finally my thanks goes to Merrie H of F.A.T. (Fiber Art Traders)
for the beaded prayer cushion and the quirky ATC.
Merrie also included other goodies (a silk tie,some angel prints and a clever spatter painted leaf arrangement.

To you all,my sincere thanks for reaching out at this time.

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