Saturday, April 05, 2008

C'est finis

The fat lady has sung: The edges have been bound and the two landscapes are as complete as I can make them.
(Please ignore the daisy pins holding the hanging to the rod :-( I forgot they were there when I took the photos)
The upper pic is totally fabric: machine appliqued.

The pic with the black (fabric) "frame" was worked using wool and some silk tops.

The settler's hut/cottage is of machine appliqued fabrics.

Both were based on the same small watercolour postcard: they were my first attempts at a 'true' landscape,and yet to me,both are so different.

At the present,I'm working on a quiltie: a six inch finished side consists of a square embellished onto a piece of cotton scrim,and further embellishments added.

The reverse side will feature a batik style fabric embellished with a hot glue effect(courtesy of a challenge a while back on the yahoo Textile challenge group)
I'm trying to work outside the traditional quilting square!
Watch this space.

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Sunday, March 30, 2008


Two different types of CQ blocks!

The original blocks were my "Rainbow Garden" and I'm wondering if it's possible to combine a "Rainbow Garden "with some
"Dancing Fans /Fan dancing"blocks........
.there is a totally different colourway between the two sets,
but I have this "feeling" that if I combine them,I'm reducing the stack of UFOsand creating a special piece.
There are five "Fan dancing" blocks" and seven "Rainbow Garden" blocks.
The Rainbow Garden blocks are the ones that appeal to me the most: the result of a Round Robin on "southerncrosscrazies"/yahoo group a few years back.
In fact,back when I thought my DH was indestructible.....before the dreaded Prostate cancer knocked him for six (in cricket terminology) and Life was hunky dory
Although there are two totally differing themes,I am seriously thinking of combining them both to commemorate a significant time in our marriage............a Memento Mori.
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