Friday, November 10, 2006

Update on the "banner"


Last night I stitched some shisha,acrylic leaves and some beads to my "banner".

I also found that using a camera instead of being lazy and scanning,gives a better result.
Tonight,I hope to dome some hand quilting to give more definition;
I also plan on felting some petals to add extra dimension,as I feel the piece is still too flat......needs the pizzaz added by free standing 3-D effect. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Geron Daisies for Gail


A close up of a piece I stitched for a friend Posted by Picasa

Work in Progress

Today I had another session on my Xpression

I decided to use a printed polyester fabric as the foundation,because my aim was to embellish rather than felt;
In my eyes the irregular fabric pattern was loosely based on tropical flowers and I thought this would allow for trying both silk tops,wool roving and some Angelina fibres.
Being totally new to this form of embellishing/needle punching I must admit to only having the vaguest idea of what I'm doing.........probably breaking heaps of so called rules in the process.

Anyway my plan for this piece is to adapt it to my journal quilt format........
only it will have a shaped base rather than a regular rectangular shape........
like the banners of old!
Once I get it shaped and backed I hope to add hand worked embellishing and doo- dads and make it all just a "little bit crazy" Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Aurora australis revisited

A long,long time ago............
(NO! It's not a fairy story) I was lucky enough to experience an Aurora australis.........the "southern lights",whilst living in Western Australia.
I was probably about 7 or 8 years at the time,and I've never seen them (the Lights)since!

Anyway,those celestial fireworks made a great impression all those years ago ,
and I thought that my (new) Janome Xpressions might be a way to recapture the experience!

Using spiral dyed silk tops by Jacinta Leishman,some Angelina fibres and a "natural" Silk Noil as the foundation fabric, this was my second attempt with the embellisher.
I'll try adding extra embellishing with beads and crystals and maybe some extra fibres.(Angelina and others)
As yet I haven't determined "how thick" I should make the layer of fibres on the foundation,and,surprisingly for a CQer,I prefer "less is more" rather than "lay it on with a trowel".

WHY did I blog this?
Simply because my "reverse applique cityscape" has been consigned to the dump!
My ambitions exceeded my capabilities,and I had to show something to prove that I have been experimenting,if nothing else. Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday blues

About six hours ago I opened this window to make comment on a blog I had visited (ninainnorway)http://
However,chores got in the way!
Firstly,after pumping up tyres on our ride-on mower,the mower 'threw' its drive belt........beyond my limited mechanical abilities to 'fix'!
Then the second ride on mower had a flat blood pressure was rapidly elevating I can tell you.
Finally I pulled out the third mower,fueled up and pushed it around roughly 3/4 acre.No fun when you're still recovering from severe bronchitis and the temp is low 30s(C)
Next,the fellows that were going to clean the exterior of the house turned up..........
Two hours later,half a flooded house(their pressure gun fund leaks in all sorts of weird places)
at least the outside looked sparkling clean,the windows were sparkling and most of my towels(from sopping up thewater) were laundered and on the line flapping in the breeze.
The furniture and plants were restored to their positions on the side verandah........
and it was time to prepare dinner!

So,I never did get a chance to say...................go visit Nina in Norway
and Frederique's "Quilting,Patchwork & Applique" Blog where she shows the steps taken to create her Oiseau Celtique (her hand appliqued Celtic bird)
tres magnifique!!
Now, sadly, I have not made one stitch today,so I bid you all bon nuit as I go to wash dishes and then SIT with a piece of little time of peace and relaxation

Sunday, November 05, 2006

BDE sampler

This is the only photo I have of this sampler prior to it being blocked and framed.
Actually it was photographed before I had 'graduated' to digital photography and editing, so my apologies (once again) for a less than perfect picture..which really doesn't enhance the dimensional effect of the embroidery at all. Posted by Picasa