Saturday, November 05, 2005

Christmas Ornies and Bags of Fun update


At latest count the Xmas Ornies I've completed is 10.I still have two bells,one heart and two punch needled shapes to finish off.
In a local "trash shop"( an el cheapo type)the other day I chanced on a beaded trim that I can use in place of the "icicles" that went AWOL....I hope it works as I planned.

On another front,one bag(see Bags of Fun) has been completed and christened.I must write up my journal to submit to SharonB.Somehow I don't think that my "Butterflies"bag will be completed by the deadline.

One thing about deadlines:they sure pressure you into finishing by due date instead of languishing indefinitely as WiPs.
My problem is I get too many "bright ideas" that just have to be pursued down beckoning sidetracks leading me away from the main game.

Next year I must try and be firm with myself and complete at least half of those UFOs;After all,that was the excuse I gave for commencing this blog:journalling the completion of UFOs,and what happened????