Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Two weeks today


.......and I'm only "just ready" to mail out cards!
Here are several of what I've been playing with:
The star shaped ones have needle felted back grounds;
One oval card is foundation pieced,and the final one,a postcard features fabric,vinyl and christmas tree motifs

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Work in progress

These two WiPs are destined to become

These two works in progress are destined to become three compartment handbags.........WHEN I can get the 'right beads' another braided frog fastener,and more braid for the handles.
They're quite a nifty pattern:
four sections,all the same size and each section consisting of a) a floral outer fabric
b)pellon for batting and
c) a toning lining/inner fabric.

Once I put my old brain into gear regards the way the third pocket is created,it was plain sailing;
I'm now tempted to raid my stash and see what other fabrics I could audition.

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Friday, December 07, 2007

Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming
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......and yet another slow WiP gets completed.
This santa was worked using a rayon thread and a punch needle.
It measures 12 by 14 inches

Eighteen more sleeps

...........and Christmas will be with us!
Having been in a bit of Limbo lately,waiting,waiting,waiting for tradesmen to turn up as promised;
and with my little car "in" for some panel beating and a re-touch,
I've managed to complete a few jobs around the place!

(what a satisfying feeling)
I added the border to "Silent Night" and framed it today;
I also completed a couple of postcards for friends,and need to complete a couple more,as well as add handles to two cute bags.

This year , I've decided to have a living Christmas tree:
and the lemon tree in btween the two back patios is "it"

I've used only solar powered lights so far,but feel that when the family descend on me,there will be modifcations made.

As for pre-Christmas baking...............nada!
The rangehood fell out of it's mounting due to incorrect mounting in the first place........and the tradesman that "promised" over two weeks ago......still hasnt finished the installation..........

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas is coming (still)

Mr Blogger thought six pics were too much to upload,so here are the final two of the six that I planned on blogging:

The first one., is postcard size is a dyed felt background with Rainbow Spun for the tree,
gold ribbon floss used in the bobbin of the machine and tree motif and mini stars behind clear vinyl.

The green card measures about 7x5 inches and after needlefelting the red background,
I made three snow storm baubles.

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Christmas is coming.......

A lot quicker than I want,so I've been playing with some card making:
Most are postcard size,but the first one is a WiP,featuring Rainbow Pellon,P&Q fabric ,some felt and some of the wee sequins I bought from Robyn at ColourStreams down Mullumbimby way.

The second card I was trying to make a snow storm effect........
(you know,those ever popular balls you shake and create a snow storm)

Next is a CQ'd Santa .........seems forever since I did any handwork or CQ.

Finally , a tatted snowflake motif on star fabric;
Along with the motif I've added wee stars and sequins ,
all held in position with a layer of bridal tulle.

Now to start on some handbags
and a redwork hanging for moi!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Random acts of Kindness

I have been humbled by the support I have had from online friends over the recent loss of my dear husband.

We hear so many negative things about people and the internet,but as is usual little time is devoted to the good that comes from contact with like minded people who try to help others.
In the last few days,I have received these six inch blocks......

The first is from Hideko in Japan .

Then,there is MaureenB,who has been an online friend for a few years;
Maureen remembered how much I love my cats!
Then Monika/aka papillon also remembered that I love cats and appliqued this for me.
I met Monika through the Craft Forum sponsored by Express Pubications.

I also have received from the Craft Forum a package (or two) of Caring Hearts.......
These members forward to a member a package of six or so six inch quilt blocks...all with a heart theme.
They are like receiving a warm hug when one is needed.

Finally my thanks goes to Merrie H of F.A.T. (Fiber Art Traders)
for the beaded prayer cushion and the quirky ATC.
Merrie also included other goodies (a silk tie,some angel prints and a clever spatter painted leaf arrangement.

To you all,my sincere thanks for reaching out at this time.

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Resting in a Zen garden

Resting in a Zen garden
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Another step has been achieved with my daughter and son-in-law hanging this plaque of the Resting Buddha.
This plaque has been patiently sitting in the office since last March,as I was not going to tempt fate,and builders by hanging it too early in the makeover.
This can also be viewed from the kitchen and dining areas;One either side of the plaque is a square terra cotta pot home to Jasmine,which I hope will eventually form a flowering cone each side of Buddha.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hibiscus sabdariffa

I thought that after my earlier comments re planting Rosella plants,you might like to see what they look like!
(Isn't the colouring so rich...and lush!

Rosella ia a robust many branched shrub-like annual that gets 4 to 7 feet tall in optimum conditions.

The dark green leaves are about 6 inches across and deeply dissected into five narrow lobes.
The stems,branches,leaf veins and leaf stems/petioles are reddish.

The hibiscus -like are yellow and about 3 inches in diameter;
At the bottom edge of the flower eclosing the bases of the five petals is a fleshy ruby red "cup"/calyx which develops as the seed covering after the flowers is pollinated.

These calyces are used to make juices,sauces,jam ,wines and pies...the pie being similar to a rhubarb pie.
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Storm lilies

After last night's rain,the storm lilies are "bloomin' luvverly"
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Another spot for contemplation

Whether it's good feng shui or not,
I like this little spot in my home........
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A moment of Zen

In the past months as Ken's ill health consumed so much of my time,
my Zen Garden attempt has not had too much attention apart from watering .

But it did it's own thing and grew and is flourishing.

The garden was conceived as being for moments of quiet reflection,
and hearts- ease in time of turmoil:
and it is succeeding in being an oasis of tranquillity for me.

There is still work to be done,apart from weeding---

To my mind it needs a few more splashes of colour: maybe a few more broad-leafed crotons that have a splash of orange or yellow.

Yesterday I planted out a couple of New Guinea Impatiens,with deep variegated leaves and deep scarlet flowers;
As none of my Cliveas are blooming at the moment I'm hoping the Impatiend will do a bolt and grow and bloom quickly as we roll into our Wet (and growing season)

In the top picture on the left hand side,and about halfway along is a clump of 'Storm Lilies':
I'm not sure of the botanical name,but their beauty lies in the fact
that after the first thunderstorm of the season it starts blooming
with palest pink lily like blooms.

A couple of weekends ago,on the right hand side of the path,I planted out a few Rosella seedlings
(Hibiscus sabdariffa)

These plants are prized in Queensland for jam/conserve making ,giving a ruby-red,slightly tangy result.
Being of the hibiscus family they have a lemon coloured hibiscus type open flower
with a dark centre.
The fruit are glossy ruby-red 'pods'(looking a bit like a closed rose bud)
and enclosing the slightly hairy seed pod.
Even if my Rosellas don't provide sufficient fruit for jam making
I KNOW I will love having these beautiful plants in my garden

I also added a bird bath to the lower end of the garden;
but looking at the picture,I'm sure it needs to be more level.
More labour ahead.but it's worth it I think!

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Sunday, November 04, 2007


Taken October 6 when young Kayla and her Mum were visiting:

Top pic features from left to right,Kayla,Ken and oldest grand-daughter Kylie
sharing cuddles with their Gramps.

The lower pic is Kylie with her Gramps.

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Goodbye Ken

You can shed tears that he is gone,or,you can smile because he has lived.

You can close your eyes and pray that he'll come back,
or,you can open your eyes and see all he's left.

Your heart can be empty because you can't see him,
or, you can be full of the love you shared.

You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday,
or,you can be happy for tomorrow
because of yesterday!

You can remember him and only that he's gone,
or you can cherish his memory
and let it live on.

You can cry and close your mind,
be empty and turn your back;
or,you can do what he'd want:
Smile,open your eyes,love and go on.

(Author unknown)

On Wednesday morning, October 31, Ken,my dear husband of forty-six years
lost his fight with Prostate Cancer.
He will be greatly missed.

Monday, October 08, 2007

The family Curlewis

Last week our duaghter in law and our youngest daughter came down from Darwin to spend time with Kayla's much loved "Gramps"
Over the week,we have been building up a family gallery of photos for Ken.......so,to (nearly) complete the "wall of fame" is the latest.......the Curlewis 'gals"
Our youngest and oldest grand-daughters;
our only daughter
and our daughter in law!
Still to be added is a current pic of our son,and his second daughter and son.
The above photo was the result of much hilarity as we all had input into using my little digi cam on time exposure.....as usual.Colleen was designated photographer.........how she succeeded with all the back seat driving is beyond me.

Having said that.........Ken is loving his family wall!
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Artcards Group 29

The cards from this swap are still trickling in..........slowly!
It seems that whenever Ken has a bad day healthwise,a fabric and fibre card arrives to boost our spirits:
Last week this card arrived from JoyB in Virginia.

Autumn (Fall to our US cousins) has always been a Season dear to my heart,and this card lifted our spirits.
Joy has patched the background and then super- imposed a leaf which has been accented with FME 'veining'.

So many different techniques have been mailed to me in this swap.....thank you ALL!

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Companion animals

Introducing Bella and Siela:
Bella the German shepherd is about four years old and a recent addition to our family.(about seven weeks ago)
Siela,the Rhodesian Ridgeback X was adopted by our daughter some three years ago;
both dogs have been adopted through refuges and are absolutely adorable.

As our daughter and her husband live within walking distance of the Nursing Home Facility where Ken now resides,they are regular visitors...........not only to Ken,but other residents.
I think the highlight of Ken's day is when his furry/hairy grand-babies come avisiting

Luckily Eventide has a policy of allowing well behaved companion animals to visit, and on weekends in particular,there are "our two",a pair of Dobermans;a border collie, a blue heeler,a Maltese terrier, and Lulu.....a Sheltie PomeranianX.

Add to these,Polly...........a silver tabby kitten who is resident,and an aviary of birds.........

The interaction between residents and animals is joyous and loving:
Bella and Siela have befriended a young lass with brain damage and major physical disabilty as result of a road accident.
"M" can not speak,but to see her BIG smile when Bella "kisses" her foot and nudges her hand is heart warming.

Which then begs the question...........
WHY and HOW can humans be so cruel to animals,when the said animals can have such a positive effect on our lives?

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This week's mail............

....delivered two fabric and fibre postcards............both from friends I have met through our mutual love of CQ.

The first card,introduces Mary C-B's cat Oliver!
As you can see,Mary is an artist!
Oliver (the cat) has been created by Mary using her Janome Xpression.........I guess that I can plead guilty to helping Mary buy the machine VBG.
Mary also told me that this was her very first postcard:

Mary's "Oliver card "arrived on a day when I needed a real pick-me-up...........the card,and the thought behind it,certainly lifted my spirits .

Thank you Mary.......both Ken & I love it.

Today's mail delivered this burgandy,white and silver "Glitz and Glamour" card from Faye D-S.
It actually arrived on Faye's birthday...so I hope she had as good a day as I did!
Faye has used two layers of burgandy organza (ribbon??) and machine quilted in silver over the right hand third of the card;
A fluffy white feather has been added over the right edge of an added glitzy organza ribbon and my monogram added in (I think) silver pearl.

In my opinion,the burgandy fabric has provided a perfect foil for the "glitz"

A real treasure!............ thanks Faye

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