Saturday, April 02, 2005

Saturday's chores

Today was spent organising baggies ingredients for the Ocean Swap being hosted by Mary C-B...........
As I have some whole cloth lace motif fabric ,that to me resembles seaweed/kelp,I cut out the relevent shapes and dyed ,and over dyed the motifs with Persian gold , cream,and
some olive green.
(I can only hope that the recipients of them can imagine them in a similar light.)
I also dyed some silk threads and silk ribbons to add to the packages for sea-anenome,and other weeds!
I'm also in the throes of organising a RR,which I think,will consist mainly of newbies to CQ.
Here's hoping it will be (relatively) smooth sailing.

The "other" witch I mentioned yesterday..........not being crash-hot with editing skills,it's not as clear a pic as I'd like.It's about 3 inches from tip to tail Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 31, 2005


This cute little pewter witch arrived in yesterday's mail from Maureen B;it is a reminder of the hilarious time that three Maureen's had in Canberra last October.
I really should take a photo of the larger witch we wore to the fancy dress night,and include her too!

Witches!! Posted by Hello

My second to last block for my "Rainbow Garden".Commenced embellishing October 2004 during a work-shop with SharronB at the National CQ Retreat.Unfortunately,despite Sharon's inspiration it took a long time for this block to blossom;I'm temporarily putting it aside until inspiration flows again---maybe I'll continue the curving spray down through the lavendar block;who knows? Posted by Hello

Rainbow Garden