Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My toys

 After showing the colour swatches from my various Derwent colours, I thought that I should share photos of my ZIG brand Brush (es) H2O.
I have three water brushes with different sized tips:
Broad             Broad
As they work on the principle of a fountain pen, they make a wonderful travelling companion along with the Intense pencils.

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Derwent water solubles colour charts

Today's mail delivered my tin of 12 Derwent Watersoluble  Metallic  Pencils,
and I thought that if I made a colour page, showing the pencil in both a dry condition as well as a water washed chip, I would have a better idea of how to use them.
I must admit I am unhappy with the effects: I did expect a more metallic effect from washing the swatches.
Maybe, if they are done on fabric , the result would be different.
 The page showing 24 colours is the colour swatch of the
Derwent Inktense Pencils: I am more than happy with the results.

The first photo was done back in  February, when I first had a play with
Inktense Blocks, when all I had in mind was playing with the actual blocks, dragging them along their sides to see how they would react.
I really should do a "proper" colour chart!

Since first getting the blocks, I have now a grater in my possession, which should help in preparing fabrics or paper with an even wash

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Monday, April 09, 2012

Cityscape by seven

The photo that should have been published first
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Cityscapes for PCMA

Today I have completed the last section of Round 14 swap for Postmark'dArt group.........and 21 days ahead of schedule!
I tried a couple of concepts and wasn't happy with them, so it was back to  simple applique' shapes and using TSUKINEKO "Fabrico markers" as well as ridged card-stock to add some definition.

Recently, Picasa upgraded its photo editing system, and I still need get used to it.
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